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Forgotten supercars


This planet has a crapton of beautiful and worthy supercars that people have just dashed to the side. This thread is a discussion about those cars. Here’s a few suggestions:

-Ford GT90
-RUF R50
-Italdesign Nazca C2
-I can’t think of anymore right this second but when it pops into my brain cells then I would gladly put them up for discussion here.


I would like to add two more 1990s concepts from Italdesign to that list: the Lamborghini Cala and Alfa Romeo Schigera, which were featured in the second and third Need for Speed games respectively.


Shouldn’t this is on the Off-topic section instead?


@BannedByAndroid: Not sure. I an change it if you’d like!


Yeah, it’s common practice on the forum to keep threads about real cars in the Off-topic section - General Chat is still about the game only. And since I’m not the first to notice it, I’ll move it there.

Also, I think it’s more of a topic for Discord, but that’s more personal opinion, so do what you want with that.
(minor hint too - posting your own cars in a dedicated thread is a typical activity on the forum, and I’ve seen you have some, so you might give it a try :wink:)

PS And on the topic - I’ll just leave my wallpaper here :wink:


Thanks @Hshan!


whats a good example of a forgotten car and btw i just came to this forum by exploring