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Four-Wheel Steering?


I don’t know. Could be cool.


Could be, but only very few cars used it and most of the driving dynamics calculations would have to be extended for another degree of freedom and a control system, probably automatically parametrised, would have to be added. Barely possible. At least with me. :slight_smile:
If it is not integrated into the simulation and if it is just a simple boring bonus on tameness, sportiness and comfort, it is not worth including it. There are other driver assistance functions which are more common and have a smaller influence on the simulation and thus can be neglected there more easily.




recalls the one time he drove a car with 4WS

recalls vomiting that day from the motion

vomits again


Only a few cars?

A list of cars with this system:

Mitsubishi 3000gt (the VR-4 versions).
Renault Laguna GT (Sedan & Coupé).
Porsche 911 GT3 & 911 Turbo (991).
New Renault Espace 2015.
BMW 850CSi (opcional)
BMW Serie 7 (2009 en adelante, parte del paquete deportivo)
Chevrolet Silverado (2002-2005) (alta y baja velocidad)
Efini MS-9 (alta y baja velocidad)
GMC Sierra (2002-2005) (alta y baja velocidad)
GMC Sierra Denali (2002-2004) (alta y baja velocidad)
Honda Prelude (alta y baja velocidad, mecánica de 1987 a 1991, computarizado 1992 hasta 2001)
Honda Accord (1991) (alta y baja velocidad, mecánica)
Honda Ascot Innova (1992) (alta y baja velocidad, mecánica)
Infiniti FX50 AWD (opcional en el paquete deportivo) (2008-Presente) (alta y baja velocidad, totalmente electrónico)
Infiniti G35 Sedan (opcional en los modelos Sport) (2007-Presente) (alta velocidad sólo?)
Infiniti G35 Coupe (opcional en los modelos Sport) (2006-Presente) (velocidad alta) [4]
Infiniti G37
Infiniti J30t (paquete turístico) (1993-1994)
Infiniti M35 (opcional en los modelos Sport) (2006-Presente) (alta velocidad sólo?)
Infiniti M45 (opcional en los modelos Sport) (2006-Presente) (alta velocidad sólo?)
Infiniti Q45t (1989-1994) (de alta velocidad sólo?)
Mazda 929 (1992 hasta 1995) (informático, alta y baja velocidad) (todos los modelos)
Mazda 626 (1988 to forward) (alta y baja velocidad)
Mazda MX-6 (1989 hasta 1.997) (alta y baja velocidad)
Mazda RX-7 (opcional, la velocidad por ordenador, de alta y baja)
Mazda Eunos 800 (1996 hasta 2003) (opcional, la velocidad por ordenador, de alta y baja)
Mitsubishi Galant / Sigma (velocidad alta)
Mitsubishi GTO (también vendido como el Mitsubishi 3000GT y el sigilo Dodge) (mecánico) (velocidad alta)
Nissan Cefiro (A31) (velocidad alta)
Nissan 240SX / Silvia (opcional en los modelos SE) (velocidad alta)
Nissan 300ZX (todos Twin-Turbo modelos Z32) (velocidad alta)
Nissan Laurel (las versiones posteriores) (velocidad alta)
Nissan Fuga / Infiniti M (velocidad alta)
Nissan Silvia (opción en todos los modelos S13) (velocidad alta)
Nissan Skyline GTS, GTS-R, GTS-X (1986) (velocidad alta)
Nissan Skyline GT-R (alta y baja velocidad)
Renault Laguna (sólo en la versión GT de 3 ª generación que fue lanzado en octubre de 2007) (alta y baja velocidad)
Subaru Alcyone SVX JDM (1991-1996) (versión en japonés: “L-CDX” solamente) (velocidad alta)
Toyota Aristo (1997) (alta y baja velocidad?)
Toyota Camry / Vista JDM 1988-1999 (Opcional) [5]
Toyota Celica (opción en la generación de 5 y 6, 1990-1993 ST183 y ST203 1994-1997) (en modo dual, alta y baja velocidad)
Toyota Soarer (UZZ32)

(Sorry, but some comments are in Spanish).


As I said, only a few. Around 50 cars in the whole automotive history. A lot less than 1%.


But can be a option when the game had finished.



But can be a option when the game had finished.[/quote]

Not if it isn’t viable, as your list shows.



But can be a option when the game had finished.

Not if it isn’t viable, as your list shows.[/quote]

Ok. The last option is a mod of community.


It’s not like a grill or a body, it would require a lot of calculation altering and for what? A possible bump in tameness for a hike in service cost, production hours, manufacturing costs, the R&D to develop, tooling costs, a drop in reliability and extra weight? It’s a neat system but there’s a lot of very good reasons it has not seen wide spread use.


It would be worse than having a few stats tweaked, indeed this would be rather complex to implement into the simulations (if not impossible in the current model).




Another 4 wheel steering car/model is the Toyota Curren (technically its a Celica, but its a Jap only special) it’s a niche one for sure, but I guess worth mentioning:



And all you did it for was some “worth mentioning”, not even picking up the long dead topic.