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Front transverse engine, Front and Rear Mcpherson


Hi, I drive a 93 ford tempo and clone it in the game now and then. It has a front transverse engine and front and rear Mcpherson struts ( https://cutt.ly/DwLWiwB ) I can’t select the option anymore (It works on the body only with rear/mid engine)

I’m not sure that it would work for all bodies but I’d like the option back (Or added if I’m mis-remembering)


Yeah I have no idea why rear McPhearson struts only work on rear-engine cars, when front engine cars used such suspension in the back as well. Then again there are various suspension types that could be added into the game if you ask me


With front-engined cars, semi-trailing arm rear suspension has similar attributes to McPherson struts (which can also be used in mid-engined cars), since it is cheaper than dual wishbones or multilink setups.


That’s what I do now, but it would be nice to do it properly, especially considering it has president in large production run cars.