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Game at Launch, What is in? What is Out? - Updated 08/2014


Should we ban him, Killrob?


Haha :smiley: Nah, a warning should be enough for now ;-D


uhh… i dont know what i did but … im sorry ? :open_mouth:

oh wait were you talking about daffy ?


you did nothing. If you thought that my question if we should ban Daffy was about you, then sorry.


i did at first … its alright




I wouldnt push for diesel too much guys, it uses a different engine model than gas engines and there really isnt an already digitized version of the model (ie there’s pleanty of engine building programs in the world but none-hardly any which support diesel correctly).

On a different note, think there could be an on-line show room that we could show our cars that we design off? Like a built in flash viewer that lets you rotate all around the car model and look at the stats?


Considering our engine system is based more on generating the right figures, not nessicarly using the right physics to do it, I think diesels wouldn’t be that much harder.

We are in fact thinking of doing an online gallery, but probably just with still pictures and all the stats, as sorting out a model viewer would take a lot of our time


Ok, I guess thats a way to go at it. I figured you guys would be using one of the published physics based models and let us monkey with the inputs. So much for that.


Nope, its all our own crazy hacked together system - everything does what it should, but its not a proper physics model


so that means we can potentially break it and get 999,999 kW or something? awesome! >;)

I now have a new goal, hahaha


seriously will twin charging be included or not ?


Don’t know yet to be totally honest.


Needs a V16 on that list, it may sound crazy, but I want an uber luxury car that is reminiscent of the old Cadillac V16.


good to see its locked down at a feature level - ive seen a lot of wants and requests in the forums for the game and all of them sound awesome but if you were to go “yes let do em!” it would be duke nukem forever all over again :stuck_out_tongue:

all the extra features can be released as DLC later on anyway - a game like this would suit DLC very well i reckon :smiley:


Potentially it is a DLC machine! But as neither Andrew nor Caswal are dickheads, they won’t REMOVE finished features from the game in order to sell them as DLC later haha :smiley:


i have to agree the dlc of the game is massive from ready made engines to new car models new wheels lights etc and thats before we even start thinking about extra features :slight_smile:


I remember when DLC used to be called “patches” and were included in the game. Oh the days of yore…

I hadn’t seen this thread before (still a newer member), but it’s awesome to see the goals. How much of this is already achieved?


Patches are updates to the game code which may or may not include new features at the developer’s choice. DLC is optional new content which the user may or may not elect to aquire at the user’s choice. It’s not a different name of the same thing, they actually are two different things. :slight_smile:


No, back in the day, they were the same thing. They’d come out with a patch and throw a new feature/level/texture pack.