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Game save path bug


I made a little mistake in game (cloned a trim, changed the engine and consequently messed up the original too) and wanted to see if Windows had an earlier version of the file stored somewhere… but couldn’t find the current directory, only old stuff from 2016 at best. Google, FAQ, searches here lead to nothing.

Then I see this: https://imgur.com/a/c2DMPAK and I start to wonder where the hell my files are being stored because \My Games\\Automation\ is never going to be a valid path. Clicking the button to open it only leads to My Games, typing it in Explorer offers an error that it does not exist. So, uh, where are my files? o_O’


C:\Users\your_name\Documents\My Games\Automation is the game save directory where you’ll find the photo mode shots etc and also the savegame. Now, the way UE works is that it uses database files to store your models and trims now, in my case since I’m on the open beta brand it’s C:\Users\your_name\Documents\My Games\Automation\Sandbox_openbeta.db

Also, you won’t be able to recover that trim.


Ok, so the game is a bit confused but still saves everything where it’s supposed to. Good news, thanks for the info. More good news, Windows had a previous version of the file to restore! Even better news, I didn’t trust Windows and made a backup of said file because apparently it never made any backups after the first one when I added a drive for backups! So now I’m down a trim rather than loads of cars and engines.

Never trust a Microsoft product -_-’