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Generations II: The Full Line Challenge [LORE][FINAL SCORES]


The 2000s were really boring years for commuter car designs… wasn’t until the 10s till manufacturers started giving kids blank paper and crayon and telling them to go nuts.

@patridam that body is weirdly proportioned. If you had put that design on a midsized sedan it would have looked a lot better i think. But don’t mind me, I’m not the best designer either lol.


I can agree with you on that one, especially since the first few years of that decade were in an aesthetic no-man’s-land between the blobfest of the 90s and the post-2010 crease craze. And commuter cars were not alone, as I explained long ago in a comment for the winning entry in CSC 13:

By the way, in light of recent events, I am expecting the next round of this challenge to be the last one of all - although I might want to continue my company’s lore beyond that point regardless.


2002 Solo JAM!

You won’t fall asleep at the wheel of your eco car if you go with the fun Solo JAM! 40 MPG without boredom.


@VicVictory How much days left? Maybe hours in this case


2002 Rocha Spok 413

2002 Rocha Madison 418

2002 Rocha Colorado 640


2002 Mont Royal MV EL


Aaand submissions closed for round 10.




Best of Economy Class - 2002

Earl Eagle Peasant

It seems rather incredible to us that the least expensive economy car you can buy is also the most comfortable to drive. It’s a paradox that has plagued manufacturers for decades, yet Earl seems to have figured out the answer. Behold, the Eagle Peasant. More fit for, at least, a baron than a lowly serf in our opinion.

In any case, this fine basic mode of transportation is anything but basic. You get a slate of upscale equipment for an economy car, including power windows and locks with remote keyless entry, a 60W AM/FM stereo system, and multi-way adjustable woven cloth front seats (10-way driver, 8-way passenger) with an added half inch layer of memory foam under the covers. Add to this standard air conditioning, cruise control, and variable intermittent wipers, and somehow make it on a shoestring budget, you’ve got yourself the Eagle Peasant.

We’re not sure where the savings on engineering costs went, because it wasn’t in quality or ride control, because both are superb as well.

While we try to unravel this mystery, we suggest our readers go look at one in person. It’s well worth the trip.

Solo JAM!

“…funky styling, great reliability, and a low price might just have you saying THAT’S MY JAM!..”

Pros: Low purchase price, good reliability, good fuel economy
Cons: Poor comfort, poor environmental resistance

Ardent Piper LS 1.4L

“…exactly what we would all expect from an economy car from Ardent. Low cost, inexpensive upkeep, great road manners, and a terrible gas drinking problem…”

Pros: Low purchase price, great drivability, low maintenance cost, good environmental resistance
Cons: Poor fuel economy, poor comfort

Rocha Spok 413

“…an upscale version of their previously tame and sedate Spok. It appeals to a rather small niche, that being economy car lovers who will slap down a fortune for luxury…”

Pros: Great fuel economy, good comfort, low maintenance cost, great environmental resistance
Cons: Highest in class purchase price

Courageux 3 Style

“…bar none will take you farther on a tank of gas. And, true to its heritage, will do so in French comfort and style…”

Pros: Best in class fuel economy, good comfort
Cons: Poor drivability, high maintenance cost

Bogliq Beagle 515B

“…we can’t stress enough how much of a letdown this model was. Beyond its nimble handling in the city, the thin veneer pulls back easily…”

Pros: Best in class drivability, good comfort
Cons: Worst in class reliability, high maintenance cost, General Engine Advisory

Katsuro Parade

“…the Parade bills itself as an upscale commuter, but it can only go so far with its charade…”

Pros: Good reliability, best in class environmental resistance, good drivability
Cons: Worst in class fuel economy, very mediocre otherwise

Hampton Fennec IV 1.8 Prime*

“…tries to fit in the same niche as the Spok 413 but doesn’t hit the mark as well…”

Pros: Good fuel economy, great comfort
Cons: High purchase price, highest in class maintenance cost, poor reliability, poor enviromnental resistance

Hakumai Joy HR-Line

“…continuing Hakumai’s newfound tradition of making you second guess your purchase for a very, very long time…”

Pros: Best in class reliability, lowest in class maintenance cost, low purchase price
Cons: Poor to Worst in Class in all other categories

Deer and Hunt Bambi GreenAir

“…goes to extremes to try to eke out every mile per gallon, but makes too many compromises in the process…”

Pros: Low maintenance cost, good environmental resistance
Cons: Worst in class drivability, poor reliability, high purchase price

Best of Midsize Class - 2002

Hampton Ferret V 2.8 Prime

While Earl is off performing alchemy on compact cars, Hampton is in its own corner rewriting the rules on what a mid-sized car can do. It’s not groundbreaking to have exquisite comfort and sublime handling in a modest sized package. What is groundbreaking is also to throw in excellent safety, and a modest price tag as well.

Appealing to the broadest list of attainable check-boxes that could be on a mid-sized shopper’s list is quite an undertaking, but a quest worthy of Hampton and their endeavor in the Ferret 2.8 Prime.

Under the hood is a twin-cam, 24 valve, 2.8 liter straight-six with variable valve timing and 165 horsepower. While it wasn’t our top pick of the year, it was close, with a better torque curve but a little much exhaust noise for our liking.

But once you take in the interior from the driver’s standpoint, the exhaust note seems to just fade into the background. The Ferret 2.8 Prime is loaded with leather seats, heated in the front, and with power 10-way adjust on the driver’s side. Additional standard features include your usual complement of power equipment, a 140W stereo system, automatic climate control with air conditioning and air filtration, a tilt-telescopic steering wheel, and power adjustable foot pedals.

The amount of thought demonstrated doesn’t just abruptly end there. The Ferret also includes such standard safety features as multi-channel ABS, 7 air bags, and an enhanced passenger safety cell with improved rollover protection. This makes the Ferret one of the safest vehicles on the road.

Our only issue is that we have heard of instances where Ferret vehicles have experienced premature rust-through on the quarter panels and rockers.

Truly, for its price, it is a formidable offering.

Ardent Chancellor RS

“…representing both the entry level of the Chancellor lineup and the mid-sized spectrum in general, Ardent comes through with a solid, practical, inexpensive composition…”

Pros: Low purchase price, great drivability, great reliability, good practicality, good environmental resistance
Cons: Poor safety

Bogliq Buttress 119B

“…another solid inexpensive offering. It has better safety features than its Ardent archrival, but falls quite short in the area of comfort, and just doesn’t have the kind of road manners needed to overtake the Chancellor…”

Pros: Low purchase price, good safety, good practicality, good reliability, good environental resistance
Cons: Poor comfort, marginal drivability

Katsuro Allura

“…the best alternative to the Hampton Ferret. Just pack light for weekend trips…”

Pros: Best in class comfort, great safety, good reliability, best in class environmental resistance, Engine of the Year
Cons: Highest in class purchase price, poor practicality

Earl Jupiter Space LE

“…least expensive car in the class. It’s a reasonable value, dead reliable, and quite comfortable, but lacking in overall package…”

Pros: Lowest in class purchase price, good comfort, best in class reliability
Cons: Poor drivability, poor practicality, poor environmental resistance

Deer and Hunt Goonie Sedan

“…quite well mannered on the road, and with a trunk that will carry all of the luggage you could imagine. More attention could have been paid to interior ergonomics, and safety marks are not as good as others…”

Pros: Low purchase cost, good drivability, best in class practicality
Cons: Poor comfort, poor safety, poor environmental resistance

Mont Royal MV EL

“…one of the more premium offerings, it just fails to stand out in any meaningful way…”

Pros: Good drivability
Cons: Mediocre in all other categories

Courageux C20 RS

“…wagon with top-notch safety. Serious reliability concerns hamper its placement on our list…”

Pros: Best in class safety, good comfort
Cons: Worst in class reliability, high purchase price

Rocha Madison 418

“…premium sedan that doesn’t feel premium…”

Pros: Good practicality, good environmental resistance
Cons: Worst in class safety, poor drivability, high purchase cost

Hakumai Raider XM20R

“…just can’t recommend it on its merits…”

Pros: None
Cons: Worst in class drivability, worst in class comfort, worst in class practicality, poor reliability, poor environmental resistance

Best of Sport Utility Vehicle Class - 2002

Earl Pioneer LE-6

Earl has taken the same magic it applied to the Eagle compact and sprinkled it liberally on its Pioneer LE-6 SUV. If a formula’s not broken, why change it? Earl’s engineers are well aware of the addage, and it seems to be the way they live their lives.

Again we come to an inexpensive offering loaded with features that belong on more costly competitors.

The typical power offerings are standard, as is a 100W stereo system, cruise, air conditioning, and a simple, yet effecive four-wheel-drive system for adventures off the beaten path. Seating surfaces are a vinylized leather. While less appealing than more expensive leathers, it is durable and easy to clean, something that active people will greatly appreciate.

And, as is typical of Earl vehicles, it is also projected to be very reliable.

Our only point of contention is that it seems to be more prone to rust than other competitors, but it’s by far not the worst either.

Pioneer? Earl has been, and continues to be.

Bogliq Baller 250P

“…we will see if bad timing ends up prematurely ending the Bogliq Baller. We hope not, as it is both functional and sumptuous…”

Pros: Best in class comfort, good drivability, good practicality, good offroad
Cons: High purchase price, poor reliability

Katsuro Road Cruiser

“…as stalwart and steady of a utility vehicle as there ever was. We just wish it handled regular roads a little bit better…”

Pros: Good reliability, great practicality, good offroad, best in class environmental resistance
Cons: Poor drivability

Rocha Colorado 640

“…not quite as nice inside as the Baller, but less likely to leave you stranded…”

Pros: Good comfort, good drivability, good practicality, good environmental resistance
Cons: Highest in class purchase price

Hampton Braemar II 3.0i

“…only thing you can buy less expensive than the Earl Pioneer. But as the tastes of SUV buyers get more sophisticated, we’re afraid that the classic rugged interior isn’t going to be up to buyers’ expectations…”

Pros: Lowest in class purchase cost, best in class offroad, good environmental resistance, good reliability
Cons: Poor comfort, poor practicality

Cascadia ALV 2.5 AWD

“…best of the all-road wagons. And definitely no slouch. We think it best for buyers where parking and maneuvering space may be at a premium…”

Pros: Best in class drivability, low purchase price, good reliability
Cons: Poor comfort, worst in class offroad, poor environmental resistance

Courageux C20 4ALL

“…comfortable, posh, sublime on the road. Keeping it on the road may be difficult, as yet another recall has just been issued on their turbochargers…”

Pros: Great comfort, great drivability, good environmental resistance
Cons: Worst in class reliability, poor practicality, poor offroad

Ardent Hood LS (7-passenger)

“…most versatile offering of the group. That can’t save it from serious deficiencies in reliability and handling…”

Pros: Best in class practicality, good environmental resistance
Cons: Poor drivability, poor reliability

Deer and Hunt Hawg

“…another classic-style offroader that is falling behind the times…”

Pros: Low purchase price, decent drivability
Cons: Worst in class comfort, worst in class practicality, poor environmental resistance

Hakumai Raider XT

“…another test in how long can you live with your decisions. If you’re lucky, it will rust out on you and make the call for you…”

Pros: Best in class reliability
Cons: Worst in class environmental resistance, worst in class drivability, high purchase price, poor offroad

Best Engine - 1996

Katsuro 6I24-2.5NA
+5 point RR bonus

It’s no secret that Katsuro has a long history of developing quality power trains. This year is no different. Their 2.5 liter straight-six is tops on our list.

Powering their midsize entries, this motor puts out 179 horses and 165 ft-lbs of torque. Katsuro has paid special attention this year to NVH, and there were a couple times that our staff accidentally tried turning on the engine at a stop because they didn’t realize it was already on.

It is, as is usual for a Katsuro motor, also among the top of the heap for projected reliability. Our only gripe with it is that it requires more expensive premium fuel, which as of late has an extra steep price.

But as long as you can afford to put gas in, it’s an uncompromising engine in an increasingly complicated automotive world.


Bogliq 1N15VVE

We find this year that the “massive” 1.5 liter three-cylinder engine from Bogliq is, amongts its bretheren, deficient.

It’s somewhat forgivable that Bogliq is putting out a 66 horsepower engine these days. After all, it’s only found in their most basic economy cars.

What is unforgivable is an engine that is so coarse and full of vibrations that it might actually be rattling itself to death.

Thus we have to advise our readers against purchasing a vehicle equipped with such an engine, with the strongest warning we have given in at least twenty years.

Visual Design Honorable Mentions

Mont Royal MV EL
Deer and Hunt Bambi GreenAir (for a bit of a Honda Insight vibe)
Earl Jupiter Space LE
Katsuro Allura
Courageux 3

2002 Reliability Rankings

Earl - 72.43
Hakumai - 70.27
Katsuro - 69.77
RCM - 68.67
Hampton - 68.47
Deer and Hunt - 67.93
Ardent - 67.33
Rocha - 67.17
Bogliq - 65.8
Courageux - 64.93

2002 Relative Ratings

Earl - 100.00
Katsuro - 86.73
Bogliq - 85.88
Ardent - 82.67
RCM - 82.11
Hampton - 80.72
Courageux - 78.38
Rocha - 75.78
Deer and Hunt - 64.29
Hakumai - 57.21


Round 11 - 2007

The first airline goes bankrupt due to post 9-11 financial issues, US Airways, later to be joined by United Airlines. The Winter Olympics are hosted in Salt Lake City, and the FIFA World Cup is jointly hosted by Japan and South Korea. US retail giant KMart files for bankruptcy. Enron and WorldCom go bankrupt, and fears of wider corporate scandal, combined with post-9-11 economic weakness, drives the US into a recession. Scientists complete the Human Genome Project, sequencing 99% of humankind’s DNA. The US is devastated by the loss of another Space Shuttle, the Columbia, this time on re-entry. The Concorde makes its final flight. Saddam Hussein is captured. The Summer Olympics in 2004 are held in their birthplace of Athens, Greece. Facebook is launched, initially only available to students at Harvard. Oil prices rise to record highs, as do oil company profits. Ken Jennings wins a record 2.5 million dollars on the game show “Jeopardy!” YouTube is launched. Disneyland turns 50 years old. The XBOX 360 is launched.


Unemployment: Low
Inflation: Medium-low
Economy: Growing
Short-term economic forecast: Uncertain


Fuel: Regular Unleaded (universal), Premium Unleaded (universal)

Bumpers: 5 MPH bumpers required (all integrated bumpers qualify)

Front lights and fixtures: At least one pair of headlights required. At least one pair of turn indicators required. Turn signals may NOT be placed in bumpers. Exactly one pair of parking lights are required. Parking lights MAY be placed in bumpers. Parking lights and turn signals may not be part of the same lens/fixture. There has to be some form of visual separation.

Front light colors: No red may face forward.

Rear lights: At least one pair of brake lights. At least one pair of turn signals. At least one pair of reverse lights. NO lights may be placed bumpers (however, optional red reflectors may be). If turn and brake lights are in the same fixture AND of the same color, there must be a minimum of TWO bulbs in the fixture. ALL vehicles must also have exactly one Center High Mount Stop Lamp (a single brake light fixture at or above the level of the top of the trunk, in the center).

Rear light colors: Brakes must be red. Reverse must be white. Turn signals may be red or amber (unrestricted) OR may have a white or clear lens ONLY if the bulb is amber.

Side marker/signal lights: Front side markers required. Rear markers required, may be placed either on the side or the rear.

Side light colors: front side may be amber only, rear side may be red only.

Mirrors: Driver and passenger side mirrors required on ALL vehicles.

Aerials: Antenna required if car has a radio. Higher-end cars may skip having an antenna. It must be noted in the lore post that the car has “antenna integrated into the glass”.

Fuel fillers: Must be placed on the side of the vehicle. ALL vehicles must have the filler somewhere on the rear quarter, regardless of engine location.

Emissions: Catalytic converter required. All vehicles must be OBD-II compliant (translation: carbs and mechanical FI are banned). Maximum ENGINE emissions: 900 for trucks, SUVs, and vans, 700 for passenger vehicles and minivans.

Safety: All passenger vehicles must have a minimum of 44 safety. All trucks, vans, and utes must have a minimum of 39 safety.

File Naming Convention:

Model: G2R11-(category)-(username) Trim: (MFR Model Trim)

Engine: G2R11-(category)-(username) Variant: (Whatever you want)

Export and PM me the .car file, make a post about your car in your lore thread (if not already there), and post an ad in this thread BEFORE the round deadline.

Vehicle categories this round:

Compact Crossover (File naming convention: CC) - Typically built on a compact or mid-sized car platform, with good ground clearance, and powered by a large 4-cylinder or small 6-cylinder motor and AWD.

Sport Compact (File naming convention: SC) - Smaller-bodied car with 4 or 5 seats, a powerful 4 or 6 cylinder engine, and potentially utilizing AWD.

Luxury (File naming convention: LX) - An intermediate or larger sized car, advanced in both creature comforts and safety. Typically powered by a six or eight cylinder engine.

Round 11 deadline: Saturday January 9, 4:00 PM PDT (UTC-8)



:rofl::rofl: it was worth the effort.

Kicking Hampton’s butt is always a pleasure.


On the other hand, I consider kicking Katsuro’s arse to always be a pleasure:

Long may the rivalry continue, then.


Apparently steroid cars dont do well, especially without solid axles


Hakumai Automobiles Round 10 Results.
It wasn’t a successful year for them, their crossover on steroids didnt do well at all resulting in it lasting a year before they de-listed the vehicle due to recalls for the car’s suspension collapsing. Second Revision of Raider XT (XT55 (Extra Terrain 55) ) Coming Summer 2006, ironing out its issues and a whole new model for it, Crossover SUV with a V8 Comes back for its second chance, May be body on frame

The attempt to bring the brand back didnt work well because their newfound tradition of you think your purchase for too long hasnt worked well, The Raider XT and Standard Raider have been axed for 2007

Hakumai again renews the billboard contracts with varied billboards from FauxGlobe accross the US With the billboards. They didn’t want to pay for the NYC multi billboards, that costs too much

(again due to Generations classes for this round and the standard Raider was too outdated to continue, steroid version wasnt a success),

But their reliabillity rankings topped many corporations, only second place to Earl (70.27), Relative rankings are a 57.21 (2002 Results. Will not reflect 2007.)

================= Meanwhile at the R&D Department. ========================
(i know nothing about CSS, please forgive me.)

“These cars were not successful. Who’s idea was it to bring back an outdated vehicle from 1996 and make people ignore us, We sold more cars in 1996 than this year.”

“We have to do something about it, we can’t just shrug it off especially when people want new standards, New infotainment screens, New this new that It’s too much but we have to face it, its gonna keep continuing. We have to do quality over quantity from now on. What if it becomes 2010.”

R&D Person 1: “Yeah Right, like that’s gonna happen to car technology overtime.”

R&D Person 2: Uh, we need to have better materials, have you ever seen a Raider XT Rust overtime a few years later?

(Out of lore: This want the greatest times for the company. May replicate real engines, basing chassis stuff off real vehicles etc)


Hampton Motor Group - Round 10 Aftermath/Round 11 Prologue

The early 2000s was a mixed bag for Hampton. The early examples of the new Fennec IV were less reliable and more expensive than expected, but its closest competitor, the Katsuro Parade, turned out to be little better overall. The flagship HPS version was a different story, though. Its gutsy engine and agile chassis endeared it to a new generation of hot hatch fans, and this alone persuaded Chairman Tony to persist with the whole line for the rest of the decade, eventually leading to a refresh for 2007.

In the mid-sized category, Hampton was dominant yet again. The Ferret as a whole had matured into one of the best D-segment cars anyone could buy at any price, undercutting the equivalent Katsuro, in large part thanks to a completely new engine line. Even better, the Ferret now had an HPS variant - now finally part of the lineup after six years on the market - and it went on to become one of the best sports sedans of its time.

Meanwhile, the new Braemar and Nevis continued to be popular among the off-roading set. It was not as comfortable as some of its competitors, though, and Tony recognized that a smaller, more civilized crossover SUV would have to be added to the lineup at some point. After some deliberation, he eventually settled on reusing the Fairlie nameplate - one that had not been used in 15 years, on a pick-up even smaller than the Nevis/Braemar.

The larger cars in the range were once again selling well. A complete redesign of the Valiant, Vanguard and Venator (the latter two of which were effectively the same car, but with different body styles) had worked a treat - all three of them were among the best cars in their class to drive. With that in mind, Tony decided that, although each one would be updated for 2007, it would not be as extensive a refresh as before, considering how sound their underpinnings were.

And so Tony set to work on an expanded model range for 2007, one that he hoped would recover any ground lost to Katsuro or any other foreign rivals.


I have a question. Is Body on frame Crossover SUVs on steroids a good idea?


Body on frame is not a crossover, by definition. All crossovers are unibody (monocoque).


Are these good engine stats for a tournament like this?


If it’s a small four cylinder then, yes, they’re fine. But if it’s a big engine , say 1.8L or upwards, then no, those numbers are terrible, hahaha!!!


Haha touché. Rumor has it that the Vatina will be refreshed for 2007.

Round 10 Aftermath

The 2000s started with Katsuro making some bold moves in the automotive industry. The Allura was a hit, as even though it was a little down on boot space than it’s competitors, it was class leading in many other categories, making it a strong competitor for consumers who didn’t like the poor road manners of the Buttress, or the safety concerns of the Chancellor, or wanted something a little bit more refined and sturdy than the Ferret. Not to mention that the new engine received the engine of the year award which meant the trust in the brand was absolutely unquestionable. This showed in the numbers as they flying off the showroom floors.

The road cruiser was also well received and was featured in auto week’s magazine among the top 3 SUVs to buy in it’s class. It now meant that Katsuro’s SUV line was now cemented as a pillar in the company with 3 rock solid offerings.

The Parade was a disappointment in the US, only marginally scoring better in reviews than it’s European rival Hampton’s Fennec IV. It’s main problem, fuel economy. The company announced in a press release that they would revise their entry level cars as they seemed to be drifting from the philosophy of the car which put Katsuro on the map in the segment, the Model A.

2007 Development Plans

-Market surveys show a need for jacked up hatch backs called crossovers. Model planned for release in 2007. Designers weighing options as to specs.

-Vatina GTR to be refreshed. Straight six engine confirmed, company deciding whether or not to go forced induction.

-Katsuro King to be refreshed