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Generations II: The Full Line Challenge [LORE][RD2 RESULT/RD3 DELAYED]


EG any of the V8 Falcons… GT-HO is technically a Musclecar


You can. Remember that when you make a trim, you can also use a different body style from the same body family. SO you could make a sedan and a coupe, with the sedan being your regular entry and the coupe being the muscle car.


Sorry for the long no-update here. Obviously as the Stable Build has not been released yet, I’m still in a holding pattern on this competition. Unlike AEC, however, I’m not polling on this one. We will still be waiting for the next stable release build, no matter what. Hang in there!


If only we had a crystal ball and knew it was going to take so long to do the update we could have had another round done


It is what it is. :slight_smile: Mostly just making sure you all know that I haven’t checked out.


Can we do this round before stable, im waiting for my lore.


Seeing as how mods are different between stable and beta, and most of the people participating are currently on beta… no.