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Guangzhou Jinhe (广州金河) Automotive Co


Jinhe, directly translating to “Gold River”, is a Guangzhou-based premium Chinese brand under the Honghu Automotive Association, alongside its more affordable counterpart Huangdou.

Willing to expand its market to the North-America-like Gasmean demographic, Jinhe offers a more affordable answer to the large premiums of its German rivals.

With vehicles bearing the Huangdou marque selling well in Asian developing countries, the Honghu Automotive Association dipped their toes into the Chinese premium market through the launch of the 2004 Jinhe Albatross; a sports-utility vehicle reverse-engineered from various mid-2000s Toyota and Lexus SUVs.

Since 2017, Jinhe has been selling its vehicles in both the Gasmean and Fruinian markets with its flagship full-size Grand Chariot, mid-sized Excelsior sedans, its Albatross sports-utility vehicle turned crossover, and its premium Songya hatchbacks as notable successes.

Notable Models

2019 Jinhe Grand Chariot PtS

2019 Jinhe Excelsior S

2019 Jinhe Songya Au

2019 Jinhe Albatross Cu

Each vehicle offers trims ranging from:

Cu - base models which are either reasonable, or bring the brand back to its archanan roots
Ag - your typical mid-range
Au- common top of the line trim
Pt - ultra-luxury trims seen on a couple high-demand vehicles
S - sport trims which maintain some form of sanity
SR - sport trims which throw sanity out of the question

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The SR Series

Although the S-trims provided more than enough punch to get through the day, Jinhe decided to take a bit of liberties pertaining what they build, with the SR-series trims; motorsport-inspired sport trims which neglect sanity by any means necessary. All SR trims were equipped with AWD, Jinhe’s self-engineered dual-clutch transmission, a rather obnoxious aero kit, as well as their active suspension suite. Carbon ceramic brake kits were included on all trims as well.

2019 Jinhe Songya SR

The SR-trim of the Songya was a large jump from the S-trim. Infotainment and safety was stripped down to the most basic they could make, while the engine was tuned to 305 horsepower, giving the SR a 0-60 time of 4.9 seconds and a top speed of 235 km/h. The SR sported a large wing on the rear, yellow foglamps and also came in a 3-door variant dubbed “turismo”. Despite offering its wealthy amounts of power, the SR was priced at a mere $29368. I also just realized that the handles and mirrors were lost in the great deformation of last update. Oh well.

2015 Model

2019 Jinhe Albatross SR

Although the S-trim provided plentiful power, the SR trim was made for no other reason besides not giving a damn. Safety would be downgraded from the top trims, removing a bit of safety equipment to shed weight. Despite this, the Albatross would still weigh roughly 4687 pounds. A 728-horsepower V10 would push the large crossover to 60 in 3.2 seconds, driving it to a top speed of almost 300 km/h. The Albatross SR would be priced around $65000.

2019 Jinhe Tiane SR

Unlike its fuel-sipping alternative trims, the Tiane SR would take the twin-turbo V8 of the Albatross S and transversely shoehorn it inside its tight engine bay. The 505 horsepower engine took the Tiane to 60 in 4.2 seconds. The fenders would be pulled to fit 275-width tires on 20-inch wheels, throwing the large wagon around corners as well as the Albatross SR, with both vehicles pulling roughly 1.15g. The Tiane SR was priced around $43000.

it’s been 4 months? holy shit


I see a Hokuto Aria SR-AWD competitor… :wink:


it’s on, hokuto. :wink:


It makes you question why you’d need an SUV. Enough said.


Very well made top quality designs - Congratulations!


Jinhe @ Geneva

Coverage on the redesigned Grand Chariot, now the GC can be found here, alongside a couple other new releases from the company.


History Bites - Jinhe Grand Chariot

The Jinhe Grand Chariot has been the brand’s flagship luxury sedan since its launch, flexing China’s technological prowess in each iteration. Three generations of the Grand Chariot, now called the GC, were made prior to the name change. Some dating back to when I just started getting used to UE4.

2008 Grand Chariot

Ironically enough, my most recent design happens to be the oldest model of the Grand Chariot. The 2008 model bases itself solely on comfort. There are choices between a 4.5-litre V8 or a 5.0-litre V12 making around 287 horsepower. A panoramic sunroof, satellite navigation system and LED lights were standard. Air suspension was used on this generation, which would be later phased out in the 2015 model in favour of active suspension instead. Nothing special or innovative really occurred in the 2008 Grand Chariot. At most, a personalized voice assistant was offered but was very half-baked. The oldest Grand Chariot was priced around $61500 (in-game estimate).

2008 Grand Chariot Gallery (ft. extra VIP version)

2015 Grand Chariot

Oh god the early UE4 days are back. Sometimes I look back and wonder “what was I thinking” when I created it. Either way, we all start somewhere right? The V12’s displacement was upped to 6 litres, allowing the PtS model to make a rather ludicrous 700 horsepower. Furthermore, this generation debuted Jinhe’s new “peacock” design language, which uses multiple lights layered on top of each other to vaguely mock bird wings spread out. This design carried throughout the other models of the same year and was phased out in 2018 for the infinity design language, which actually looked like wings spreading out. The 2015 model was one of the very first vehicles to incorporate a “eyes-on-road” warning system, which prompted the driver to stare back on the road when it would catch them drifting off. The personalized assistant was also refined, allowing air conditioning and driver memory functions to be called via voice. Uhh, it was also comfortable I guess. It started around $82000? I can care less. I’m already tired of talking about this abomination generation. Cue the gallery.

2015 Grand Poo Poo Gallery

2018 Grand Chariot

Ah, that’s much better Yang. You actually copped some mods. The infinity design language debuted with this model, seen in its aggressive yet elegant headlight and taillight design. The 2018 model added even more features on top of the 2015 model, including forward collision warning and braking, 360 camera and semi-autonomous capabilities. The 707 horsepower V12 from the old generation was kept in the PtS model, while the rest used the same V8 from the 2008 Grand Chariot. The 2018 model started around $95000, further increasing the model’s price hike.

2018 Grand Chariot Gallery

The Grand Chariot has since swapped names to the GC, which can be seen in the 2019 Geneva Motor Show thread. Further models are planned to be built, and more technologically-advanced each step of the way.


I really like how the 2008 is styled, it’s really well done and works very well as a luxury sedan of the time, but the rest look a bit crap compared to it.

But I do understand that it’s the most recent of your creations, so maybe later on you’ll redo the newer ones?


Thanks! The 2015 is surely due for a redux since it was one of my first designs, and perhaps I can get better pics of the 2018 or give it a refresh altogether. Both old designs have gotten to the point where I have pretty much stopped caring about them, but I guess if popular demand asks for a refresh, might as well go for it.