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HA Automotive Car Company Thread


thx for review
the turbo is here to get some extra “punch” when low-mid RPM but N/A is a good idea i think im gonna make a variant with a N/A engine .The engine was limit to 130 BHP to keep economies in sight.Im glad to hear that you like my car Lorenz.And yes isnt a ricer this time :wink: .This car was inspired by the honda s660 and s 2000 (for headlights)


Turbos are perfectly fine, with a good tune you can make more power than that. Mess around with the turbo settings to get more power. Also consider doing the engine challenges.


thx for your review .i think im gonna try to get more power in the turbo section . Challenges is a good idea thx for suggestion :grinning:


I have a question.
How much fuel needs your coupe with 1.6 turbo 130hp?
My results in 1500kg hatchback with 145hp 1.6 N/A engine is 6.9l/100km. :slight_smile:
(I don’t download other projects because i don’t need them and i have too much stupid cars.)


my coupe needs 5l/100km for 1175kg :sunglasses:
when you said stupid was for my cars or others ?


I said stupid about my cars that had +15 quality.I have lot (100 stupid cars i build) of not good cars.
I don’t mean your cars.
It’s good results, are you using direct injection?I used multipoint injection and VVL.


That car doesn’t have +15 quality.
I will test coupe with that engine.If should have also that same or better efficiency.
What’s about being friends like companies?


i was joking :wink:
Of course i use direct injection they are most modern than multipoint
+15 quality isnt a a bad point when youre creating some luxury coupe or others
but if you want good efficiency on your car choose a light material for your body (aluminium is a good idea) and direct injection is a little bit expensive but it worth the price trust me
if you want you can test the coupe with your engine but im not sure about the result
yes we can be friends like companies :sunglasses:


The materials i used Aluminium and Light AHS Steel and 9speed gearbox.


i want to see one of your car pls :wink:


go full aluminium and avanced automatic 9 shift gearbox


You have 2 photos of concepts i did on Antiyita.Ferrain Mistrain (Mistic Rain) and Ferrain Hatchrike.It’s concepts with premium interior and others with almost the best driveability (Hatchrike have 87 points) and safety.Safety is the biggest point of my cars.I am waiting for wankel dlc and when it comes i will make only cars with Wankels.


nice so do you have discord for talking


Yes i have discord.
And one.I am only making cars that are almost concentraded on perfomance.
That cars I did was for economy/perfomance balance.
Did you have 2.0 Engine with 1320hp?
My discord name is Lorenztype.


i have one 10L v10 with 1600BHp one 8.8L with approx 1400BHp i will send you a invitation on discord


Lorenztype #7572
You should see Black Rose.


HA H30 Track 135-5
HA H30 - H30 Track 135.5.car (22.6 KB)

2 sport seats and Luxe infotainment
10L V10 (90°) with 1658BHP and 1784 Torque
For track use only


HA Magellan Inspired by the Lancia Voyager

3.0V6 EcoTron with 226BHP with 286 Nm
Premium MPV with 5 premium seats and premium infotainment
10.3L/100Km for 2168KG
A V8 Version is Possible
HA Magellan - Magellan Unico.car (21.7 KB)


Very elegant and good looking for a MPV.


thank you mate