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HA Automotive Car Company Thread


HA Ambassador Facelift
HA Ambassador - Ambassador Facelift.car (22.4 KB)
Inline 5 variant 3.4 N/A inline 5
HA Ambassador - Ambassador Facelift I5.car (22.4 KB)
V6 Variant 3.0 V6 EcoTron
HA Ambassador - Ambassador Facelift V6.car (22.4 KB)

This car is a facelift of the original Ambassador (Post 93 on this thread).So this time new front and rear design (kind of Mercedes touch :wink: ).New engine :2.7 TrueVelvet6 DI (238hp).New Rims:20".New gearbox:8 speed advanced automatic with Electronic differential.Fuel Consumption is 9.6L/100 Km for 2188KG.Enjoy :wink:

PS:V6 variant is 9.5L/100km for 2237KG and Inline 5 Variant is 9.3L/100km for 2242KG


Premium Variant 2.3L EcoTron (Inline 4/200HP)
HA T6 - T6 Premium.car (22.8 KB)
Standard Variant 3.0 V6 EcoTron (V6 Turbo/220HP)
HA T6 - T6 Standard V6.car (22.8 KB)
Entry Variant 1220cc EcoTron (Inline 3 Turbo/96HP)
HA T6 - T6 Entry.car (22.8 KB)

HA’s HQ decide to give a continuity to the famous R30,HA’s first MPV.But this time with a more agressive design and engines.This modern looking MPV is equipped with a 2.3L EcoTron (200hp)that equipped the R20 and most of the HA’s cars.7 Premium seats and Premium Navigation.Fuel consumption is 5.3L/100Km with 7 speed Advanced Automatic gearbox and Electronic Differential.Weight 1645KG.Enjoy :wink:
PS:Entry Variant is 4.6L/100Km for 1347KG with 8 Speed Avanced Automatic Mechanical Differential
Standard Variant is 6.3L/100Km for 1473KG with 8 Speed Avanced Automatic Electronic Differential


HA Delta
HA Delta - Delta Premium.car (18.9 KB)

HA decide to do a convertible modern muscle so the idea of a legendary engine come up and we realized this car.5 Premium Seats and Premium SatNav.Engine is a 8.3L V8 DTRE (593 HP and 732NM).Fuel Consumption is 13.3L/100Km with 8 Advanced Automatic Gearbox.No differential and it is RWD.Weight 2181KG.Only exist in one variant : Premium .Enjoy :wink:


HA T2 - T2 Standard.car (18.8 KB)

Standard Modern city car inspired by some Hyundai models.5 Standard seats and standard infotainment,18"alloy rims.Engine is 1220cc EcoTron (96hp).Fuel consumption is 4.8l/100km for 1352KG,no differential.7 speed Double Clutch gearbox.Enjoy :wink:


Cool car, althought sounds a bit over engineer for the double clutch part.


@Sillyworld thanks for the review :wink:


HA Supreme
HA Supreme - Supreme Standard.car (19.8 KB)

Some of the HA’s customers ask for a 90’s inspired coupe.So we do it!.This is the Supreme.2 Standard Seats and Standard Infotainment.The engine is the new 2.1L Performa (Straight 4 Turbo/208HP).This engine is a little sportier but tune for efficiency.Fuel consumption is 6.5L/100Km for 1281KG.7 speed Double Clutch gearbox.No differential.2 Finitions available:Standard and Premium. Enjoy :wink:


That might explain why it looks so dated…

A misnomer - it actually has an open diff. Great for most cars but less effective on high-performance models.


and this is why i mentionned it: it is inspired by the 90’s coupe (what did you expect?) :wink:

You’re right its an open diff i didnt notice that.I let it like this :wink:


HA Elisa2.5 i5 (181hp)/Premium
HA Elisa - Elisa Premium.car (22.9 KB)
V6 Variant3.0 V6 EcoTron (220hp)/Premium
HA Elisa - Elisa Premium V6.car (22.9 KB)
Straight 4 Turbo Variant1.8DTRE (151hp)/Standard
HA Elisa - Elisa Standard.car (22.9 KB)
V8 Variant4.0 V8 (342hp)/Premium
HA Elisa - Elisa Premium V8.car (22.9 KB)

Designed in collaboration with HA’s sport department,Neil Sport Design,this is one of the HA’s highlight cars.This is a hunting break equipped with 5 Premium seats and Premium SatNav.Powered by the 2.5 i5 (181hp)with 7 speed double clutch and viscous differential.Weight: 1645KG.Fuel Consumption is 7.6L/100Km.Enjoy :wink:
PS:V8 Variant is 7.2L/100 km with viscous diff and weight is 1827KG
V6 Variant is 7.9L/100km with viscous diff and weight is 1726KG
i4 Variant is 6.1L/100km with viscous diff and weight is 1543KG (6 speed double clutch gearbox)


HA Tolta
HA Tolta - Tolta AWD.car (21.7 KB)

A “little” AWD SUV designed for all purposes.Engine is 2.3L EcoTron (200hp).5Standard seats and Standard infotainment.8 speed Advanced Automatic gearbox.Fuel consumption 5.4L/100Km for 1557 KG.AWD transmission with manual lock differential.Enjoy :wink:
PS:1 Variant online:Standard AWD.I want to thanks all the modders for doing good mods for example the headlight on this car are made with the MDHL mod (i5o2k1s).:wink:


uh your engine is not 2.3 litres/100km it’s just 2.3 litres, thought you had 102 mpg for a second there


@SideswipeBL I thought nothing.it was a miswrite its correct now.thx for notice me


Stop using :wink: so much. I don’t care for your designs, but glad to see you’re improving.


Sorry but… i do what i want is my thread :wink:

So… dont come see them

thank you :wink:



Well fair points

Also, sorry if I came out as rude, I just mean that they aren’t the type of cars I like, good room for improvement etc.


@asami if my cars arent at your taste dont come it as simple as that ! dont came out as rude as you do because its useless. Dont have fair point or nothing else like that, its not a competition .My answer was just sense.take care


HA T8 - T8 Standard.car (22.2 KB)

This is the T6’s brother.5 Standard seats and standard infotainment.Engine is 1.8DTRE (Straight 4 Turbo 151hp).Fuel Consumption is 5.2L/100Km for 1347KG.8 speed Advanced Automatic (codename:Zeta 8 Tronic)with open diff.2 Finishes : Standard and Premium.Enjoy :wink:


Time for Luxury Cars.I post two cars
HA T10
HA T10 - T10 Executive.car (24.0 KB)

HA P-340
HA P-340 - P-340.car (29.1 KB)

About the T10
HA’s HQ decide to take the Luxury MPV segment to a next level.This what happens with the T10.5 DeLuxe seats with Luxe Infotainment.Engine is the well knowed 3.0 V6 EcoTron (220hp).Zeta 8 Tronic Gearbox (8 speed adv auto) with mechanical differential.Extremely comfy (76.0)!.Hydraulic Suspension with active swaybars.Sliding rear doors.1 Finish only: Executive.Fuel consumption is 8.5L/100Km for 1869KG.Enjoy :wink:

About the P-340
HA’s Luxury Mid-Sized Sedan.This design is called “Aphrodite”.4 DeLuxe seats and Luxe Infotainment.Engine is the new 3.4 I5 EcoTron (240hp).Zeta 8 Tronic Gearbox.Open Differential.Hydraulic Suspension with active swaybars.Fuel Consumption is 7.7L/100Km for 1766KG.Enjoy :wink:


HA Alcatraz
HA Alcatraz - Alcatraz 3.4 .car (22.4 KB)

Designed in collaboration with Neil Sport Design,this 2 seats coupe was inspired by the Fiat 124 Spyder.2 Premium seats and Premium Infotainment.Engine is the 3.4L EcoTron (240HP).GT Tronic gearbox (7 speed double clutch).Weight 1527KG.Fuel Consumption is 7.4L/100Km.2 finishes available:Premium (this trim)or Standard with same engine.HA wants precise that this car is in limited production only to satisfy any engine request or desires.Enjoy :wink: