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HA Automotive Car Company Thread


You should take a look at the NSX tail lights mod, it might make the car look a little more modern :wink: apart from that, it looks great!


@Watermelon3878 thx mate


HA Benetto

HA Benetto - Benetto Premium.car (31.0 KB)

This time, HA decides to make a big Premium MPV!. This car was strongly inspired by the Mercedes V250d.7 Premium seats and Premium Infotainment.Passenger have access to a mini-bar,two 18" screen coupled to a Blu-ray player with streaming movies and music service.Also they have their own Air Conditionned system and much more.Engine is the new 3.5 V6 (290hp/380Nm).Weight is 2382KG.Fuel Consumption is 10L/100Km.Zeta 8 Tronic Gearbox.Hydraulic Suspension with Active Swaybars.Enjoy :wink:


HA Urbanist

Entry 1.1N/A(82hp)
HA Urbanist - Urbanist Entry.car (25.0 KB)
Standard1220cc EcoTron(96hp)
HA Urbanist - Urbanist Standard.car (25.1 KB)
Premium1220cc EcoTron (96hp)
HA Urbanist - Urbanist Premium.car (25.1 KB)
Neil Sport Design variant
HA Urbanist - Urbanist Neil Sport Design.car (22.0 KB)

Entry Pictures

Neil Sport Design Pictures

About Entry,Standard,Premium variant
HA received a request for a low end/cheap city car and we accepted it.So this is the Urbanist.5 Standard seats and basic infotainment,sunroof and alloy wheels.Engine is the new 1.1L N/A (straight 4/naturally aspirated,82hp).6 Speed manual gearbox.Open differential.Weight:1099KG.Fuel Consumption:6.4/100Km (this engine was priorly made to reduce production cost so its not as fuel economic as my other engine).3 finishes:Entry,Standard,Premium and a Neil Sport Design finish as well.Apart its low price (8600$ at 0%)its a great car.Enjoy :wink:
Standard variant:4.6L/100Km with 6 speed manual open differential,5 Standard Seats Standard Infotainment
Premium Variant:4.8L/100Km with Sport Tronic Gearbox (6 Speed Double Clutch) and Electronic Differential,5 Premium Seats and Premium Infotainment

About Neil Sport Design Variant
Same as the Premium Variant but NSD reworked body design ,new engine,new color (Bronzium),etc…Engine is the 2.0 EcoTron (167hp).GT Tronic Gearbox (7speed double clutch).Electronic differential.Fuel Consumption:5.8L/100Km.Enjoy :wink:


HA FamilyHug
HA FamilyHug - FamilyHug Standard.car (24.7 KB)

HA FamilyHug - FamilyHug Premium.car (26.9 KB)

Neil Sport Design:
HA FamilyHug - FamilyHug Neil Sport Design.car (24.9 KB)

Standard and Premium Design:

Neil Sport Design Design:

About Standard and Premium
A Little MPV designed for city and road use.HA’s HQ worked on a cute and different design for the front of the car.Primary this car was designed for the children and their comfort but with very good drivability.5 Standard Seats and Standard infotainment.Premium Variant is 5 Premium seats and Premium Infotainment.Engine is 2.2DI EcoTron (153Hp).Sport Tronic gearbox (6 speed double clutch).Mechanical differential.Weight:1443KGfor Standard and 1513KG for Premium.Length is 3.84m.Fuel Consumption is 6.1L/100Km for Standard and 6.3L/100km for Premium.Enjoy :wink:

About Neil Sport Design
Again Neil Sport Design wants to produce their own variant:The result is new design,18" Alloy rims,3.0V6 Ecotron(220Hp).5 Premium Seats and Premium Infotainment.Fuel Consumption is 6.7L/100Km.Sport Tronic Gearbox with Mechanical differential.Weight:1570KG.Enjoy :wink:


The Neil Sport version of your Urbanist looks kind of decent, but the Entry version is a mish-mash of badly proportioned fixtures up front, made even worse by a light pink exterior color which would be more appropriate for a plush toy than a car. As for the FamilyHug, the regular version is an absolute mess on the outside; the equally awkward name doesn’t help. This time the Neil Sport version is not much of an improvement - because the grille shape is all wrong!


@abg7 keep in mind that the urbanist is kind of a fun car design not a serious car at all.Same thing for the familyhug .The grille shape of the FamilyHug was designed like that i think i would not do a rework of these cars (i love that grille shape on this trim).Pink color for the urbanist is like i said a fun feature and a excentric color for a city car (and because why not) but its also available in orange,black etc… :wink:

PS:Familyhug’s design was inspired by a child anime character.And urbanist is a fun car.And your review is your review thank you for that.


HA ST-18
Premium 1.8
HA ST-18 - ST-18 Premium.car (19.9 KB)
Premium 3.0 V6
HA ST-18 - ST-18 Premium V6.car (22.2 KB)
Premium 3.5 V6
HA ST-18 - ST-18 Premium 3.5 V6.car (22.5 KB)

Following the post of @abg7 on the urbanist and the familyhug,i decide to post a serious car and not a fun car this time (because when i start to post a fun car with fun design i have bad review and when i do someting common its good)i decide to post that.Premium Sedan with 5 Premium seats and Premium Infotainment.Engine is 1.8DTRE (151HP).GT Tronic gearbox (7 speed double clutch).Mechanical Differential.Weight:1592KG.Length:4.56m.Available in Bronzium (this color),Black,Pink (thank you @abg7,i tease you mate :sunglasses:)Apple Green,Forest Green and Blue Berry.Fuel Consumption is 5.3L/100Km (1.8DTRE) Enjoy :wink:
PS:3.0 V6 Ecotron (220HP) is 6.7L/100Km.3.5 V6 (290HP) is 6.6L/100Km


HA P500L
HA P-500 - P-500 L.car (23.1 KB)

HA and Neil Sport Design worked on a Extreme Luxury Full Size Sedan this time!This is the continuity to the P-340 (post179 on this thread) and it was made on the Ambassador chassis.
4 Handmade Seats with Luxury HUD,22" Carbon Fiber Rims.Passengers have access to: a minibar (between rear seats),two 8" screens (behind head rest) and tablet (for A/C,Movie and Music Stream,Internet,Settings etc…).Engine is the 5.7L DTRE V10 (565Hp).Zeta 9 Tronic (9 speed adv automatic).Electric LSD.Length:5,49M.Weight:2501KG.Fuel Consumption is 10.2L/100KM.This car was inspired by the Mercedes S-Class and some Honda.


Why are the headlights red?


@On3CherryShake a crazyness… no seriously it is the contour just like a decorations the headlights are the white parts :wink:


HA Reinhart
Single Cabin
HA Reinhart - Reinhart Premium.car (23.2 KB)
Double Cabin
HA Reinhart - Reinhart Premium Duo-Cab.car (24.4 KB)



About Reinhart
Powered by the 3.5 V6(290hp),this AWD Pick Up is simple to drive and fun to play with.3 Premium Seats and Premium Infotainment for simple cabin and 5 Premium Seats and Premium infotainment for double cabin.Fuel Consumption is 11l/100Km for 2429KG for Double Cabin Variant and 10.1L/100 Km and 2163KG.Manual Lock Differential and Zeta 8 Tronic (8 speedAdvAuto) for both.Enjoy :wink:


HA Supremacy II
HA Supremacy II - Supremacy Excellence.car (19.3 KB)
With Manual Lock Differential
HA Supremacy II - Supremacy Excellence.car (20.4 KB)

About Supremacy II
Following the sucess of the 80’s inspired limo,the Supremacy I (post132 on this thread),HA decided to realize the most powerful limo in the world.This is it.Equipped with a race designed engine,10L V10 90 Degree (1658HP),this limo does the 0 to 100Km/h in 4 seconds and has a top speed of 348km/h.8 Luxury Seats and Luxury Infotainment.Passengers have access to a bar with tasty drinks,a TV,A computer with wifi in the car,Bang & Olufsen Audio System (30 Speakers).They also have their own A/C etc…20" Alloy Wheels.Zeta 8 Tronic Gearbox (8 speed Adv Auto).Hydropneumatic Suspension with active swaybars.Weight:3581KG.Fuel Consumption: 43.4L/100 Km.Open Differential (Manual Lock Differential version added).Lenght:6.47m.Enjoy :wink:
PS:A Manual Lock Differential was added




@Vri404 Race engine (this time not designed for fuel economy) and no differential but i can add one if customer want it .



@Vri404 because HA wanted to try without one but it works fine on beam ng :wink:
Edit i added the differential version.Love your gif,+1


That’s enough weight for unscrupulous individuals to use the Supremacy II as a battering ram…

A manual locker is only necessary for off-road vehicles and should not be used on tarmac. The Supremacy II is most definitely not an off-roader, and deserves an electronic LSD instead considering how powerful it is. Even so, it would struggle to get its power down safely.

At any rate, the Supremacy II is too heavy, thirsty and expensive to be practical - but I can’t help admiring the lunacy behind it.



My god yeah is the heaviest car i produced

Yes its is.But the goal was to produce the most powerful limo in the world and i think i done it right :wink:


I think it’s still better than Hummer in sport version (or tuner version idk) that needed about 100l/100km