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Hard Rooster's Vanilla Fixtures Thread


We don’t have the ability to change colors, only materials. It could be possible to make letters/numbers that could be chrome, plastic, body color and the like. But not like red and green and such.


That would at least be an improvement


Agreed. The current lettering’s “Chrome” comes out really as a dark gray in many cases. Unless I use a white or light silver body, it’s for the most part really hard to read.


This ferrari’s side fender vent. We have vents that looks like these but straight, and inclined vents that are too modern. Can you mate both?


Could a mod be made of a truck that looks like a 2000 Ford Expedition?


There is a bunch of variants of a 90’s F-150 including an Expedition-like SUV on the list of bodies to do. It will likely be in the game eventually.


I’ll put in for a proper “Stick On” spare tire. Both in SUV-styled soft-cloth bag and in 50’s and 60’s hard-shell Continental Spare. That way we’re not forced to abuse fixtures to make spares for our SUV’s and 50’s luxury cars.


I think the GT350 upper and lower grills could look good, maybe versions with and without the plastic “beam”
And I also think the lower corner vents from a 2018 mustang could work in a lot of places too,and the front lights of the 2018 mustang could work nicely
I really would like the something like the black plastic filler piece, maybe a version with reverse lights, i really feel the game is lacking in mid level wings so some of those would be nice, anyways keep up the good work


Hood ornaments - Some in chrome, some in gold, some that light up with a wonderful glow.
The ability to color bumpers and side moldering pieces independent of the rest of the car


None of those suggestions are possible :thinking:

Gold isn’t an available material, though chrome and some with light materials could be doable.

The last part is a game code thing, not something moddable.


But you can add custom materials, remember.


Bolt on overfenders. Like on classic japanese custom cars.


Would be nice, and very fiddly to fit.


Before you napped, did you post them to the Workshop?

I haven’t seen them appear yet.


You need to scroll all the way up to the top and read the very first line in the very first post in this thread, or even read the title of the thread. :stuck_out_tongue:


Got a few more things…

Some shallow cut moldings;

Hood scoops;

Some Wing options;

Variation on headlamps from the previous package;

I’ve been asked by the Pipe Gods to make more modern headlamps, so I’ll take the ideas I’ve seen sprinkled through the thread here and make them. Please help me out also by finding more modern headlights you’d like to see.

@Chickenbiscuit: I could use some input on what more you’d like to see from your request, in addition to what I’ve done so far with the molding bits.

@Mikonp7: I may make some more wings, but there is a chance the way they’re implemented onto vehicles may change, so I’m putting any further wings on hold until any changes are…or are not…made.


Seeing those wings makes me wonder if there’s any way we could get rear window louvers that stick on either above or below (or on the sides of) the window and round out that classic mid-70’s look.


It MIGHT be possible, if the mesh connected to either side of the body beside the window, but it would be extremely fiddly and difficult to actually place it on the car.


These look great! Would it be possible to make some deeper versions with less of a lip along the outside (preferably no lip at all but that might cause tearing)?




machine guns, rockets, harpoons (lol), jerry cans

Moon style fuel tanks

Lalique style hood ornaments. Bonus points if they light up with the headlamps.

Thanks for all the great mods so far!