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Harwood Motors Part 2 - Electric Boogaloo


Oh no, looks like I killed my previous topic from inactivity, and I really did not feel like resuming where it left off, so here is the new and improved…

Harwood Motors of North America

A Canadian motor company based in the Canadian side of Detroit (Windsor, ON), Harwood motors has been producing cars for the average Joe and his boss since 1921, with production exponentially picking up follow North America’s post-war boom. Once known for its wide variety of land boats, the company has now shifted its focus to crossovers, trucks and SUVs, just like any other North American motor company. I’ll just be posting the cars as I make them, its not gonna be as lore-heavy as last time (although there will be a bit of a backstory and commonality between my builds)

Model Directory

Model Description
H-150 (2020) 1500 class truck from the dependable H-series truck range - one of the most profitable products of the company
H-250 2500 class truck built with sheer hauling power and durability in mind
Niagara A truck for one who needs a little less truck, sold in the global market
Fleetmaster / R-series Utilitarian range of vans, originally based off the chassis of the concurrent H-series, until becoming a joint product with a European manufacturer in recent times
Admiral (2020) Full-size truck based SUV, built with the intent of being a spacious, capable and comfortable family hauler
Apache (2020) The classic 3-row family SUV that floods the streets and driveways of North American suburbia
Comanche A smaller, 2-row compact SUV for those who want a lifted car with a smaller footprint
Prairie The smallest of the crossover market, for those who need a city car but lifted
Monteregian A full size family car that went extinct with the gas crisis
Chieftain A long running nameplate for the brand’s flagship family car, which existed in mid-size and full-size forms throughout its history
Champlain A run-of-the-mill compact car best known for spawning a legendary pony car
Tomahawk A classic pony coupe that survived the test of time with its winning combination of fun and affordability
Caravel A dedicated sports car on the cutting edge of performance
Gaspésie A very bizarre, especially for its time, personal luxury coupe - revived as a sedan during the 2000’s retro car craze

Einhoff Motor Werkt 🇧🇪
2020 H-150 Truck


Available in various trims, the H-series trucks continues to be Harwood's strongest selling product in the North American market. With models ranging from a bare bones utilitarian H-150 L to the luxurious Athabasca edition, everyone who would ever want a truck will find a suitable model within the H-series range.

Trim Directory

Trim Engine Drivetrain Description
L LR40E V6 8AT, 4x4 Fleet-spec H150, a truck that isn’t fussy at all
LE LR54E V8 8AT, 4x4 A base-spec with H150, with a V8 option and extra amenities
LS Airtec 3.6 V6, LR54G V8 8AT, 4x4 A middle level H150, with the option between the efficient Airtec turbo V6, or the roaring LR V8 now equipped with direct injection
LSE LR60G V8 8AT, 4x4 A premium H150, with more amenities and a bigger V8
Athabasca LR60G V8 8AT, 4x4 The ultimate package in truck luxury, named for the picturesque resort town north of Edmonton, AB
Trailchief LR60G V8 8AT, 4x4 An offroad beast, straight from the dealership and hungry for some rock crawling

Additional Images

H-150 L

Shown in base white

H-150 LE

Shown in slate grey

H-150 LS 3.6

Shown in cobalt blue metallic

H-150 LS 5.4

Shown in ferric red metallic

H-150 LSE

Shown in cupric orange metallic

H-150 Athabasca

Shown in carbon grey metallic

H-150 Trailchief

Shown in frost silver metallic


The entire range of full-sized trucks from Harwood looks like a winner - and it should be, with a trim to suit every taste and budget.


It seems like a very strong candidate for nomination, at least to me. Pretty handsome design! It would be cool to see photos of a few other trims as well.

2020 Admiral SUV


The luxurious full size SUV for the family man who needs truck-like towing capability, with car-like ease of driving and comfort, driven by the powerful and fuel efficient Airtec V6, equipped with AWD and a robust yet smooth independent rear suspension

Trim Directory

Trim Engine Drivetrain Description
LS Airtec 3.6 V6 8AT, AWD Standard spec robust SUV, with sufficient amenities for a middle-of-the-road family tow rig
LSE Airtec 3.6 V6 8AT, AWD A premium spec with a more powerful tune of the turbo V6, and additional interior luxuries
Mountaineer Airtec 3.6 V6 8AT, AWD A top of the line SUV with all the latest innovations in comfort and utility

Additional Images

Admiral LS

Shown in cupric orange metallic

Admiral LSE

Shown in mineral white metallic

Admiral Mountaineer

Shown in galactic black metallic


Thank you very much :smile:

More models will definitely be coming soon as I flesh out this thread :+1:

2020 Apache Crossover


The 3-row family crossover for the modern family, combining safety, practicality and comfort in one efficient package. Available with economical 4 cylinder motors or powerful V6s, FWD or AWD, there's always an Apache for everyone.

Trim Directory

Trim Engine Drivetrain Description
LE Airtec 2.3 I4 6AT, FWD Economical spec of the Apache, powered by a turbo 4 cylinder motor for maximized fuel milage
LS Airtec 2.3 I4, Airtec 3.6 V6 8AT, AWD A more practical spec of the Apache, now equipped with AWD for increased capability on poor terrain
LSE Airtec 3.6 V6 8AT, AWD A premium crossover, with all the modern advancements in safety and comfort for your family
LSR Airtec 3.6 V6 8AT, AWD Have you ever wanted to take a large family car out on the race track? With the LSR, now you can, thanks to its high-grip tires and 400 hp twin-turbo V6

Additional Images


Shown in pure white

LS 2.3

Shown in ferric red metallic

LS 3.6

Shown in mineral white metallic


Shown in titanium grey metallic


Shown in carbon grey metallic