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Has anyone played Homebrew Vehicle Sandbox?


I am thinking of purchasing “Homebrew Vehicle Sandbox”. Has anyone played it and/or have some insight on it?

The game appears to be a detailed non block based vehicle builder that is somewhat easy to learn. It seems odd that it still has such a small community.

Am I allowed to post a link to a video of the game?



Games like that which are still in alpha almost always have low subscriber counts and very small communities. It does look like it would be pretty fun, I added it to my wishlist and I’ll grab it soon!


I love this game, but ouch… The difficulty of the builder ! Every symmetric creation I try to do nearly always resume to a fail
Otherwise, the community is awesome, if you play the game, you have to go on their Discord, they help you when you need it


Bought it and had it refunded shortly after. I didn’t find it to be very fun.