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Helical LSD?


See title. A really minor thing, but having that differential for making cars and using them in BeamNG would be pretty nice. Similar cost to viscous LSD, but without the lag, though only has any effect when both wheels are on the ground and the accelerator’s on, etc.


Isn’t that basically a geared lsd? Someone more knowlegable than me could explain the differences between different geared lsd desings but I believe they share the same basic principles of operation and don’t deserve separate options. Which desing is your car’s lsd most simillar to would just be a matter of individual engineering.

TLDR:You alredy have that option under the “geared lsd” button


Torsen = Helical = Geared

The only LSD type missing (to my knowledge) are the clutch-based LSDs. I vaguely remember them being beta tested at one point but were removed for balance purposes/simplicity.


I’m pretty sure the geared LSD is a 2-way clutch-pack LSD… It’s more expensive than viscous, has much more sportiness and wheel-spin reduction in the designer, and there definitely feels like there’s a locking effect when braking in BeamNG. I may be just imagining it when in BeamNG perhaps, but what it changes in the designer sounds to me much more like a 2-way clutch-pack LSD than a 1-way helical/torsen.

Here’s a pretty good article explaining different LSDs.

But basically:
1-way: The LSD only has locking effect when the gas is applied and the car is accelerating.
1.5-way: The LSD works when accelerating, and also has a partial, but not complete effect when decelerating.
2-way: Full effect regardless of acceleration or deceleration.

Helical/Torsen: 1-way, cheap, nowhere near as much lag as viscous LSDs, though they require both wheels to be on the ground.
Viscous: 1.5-way, cheap, has an effect when slowing down, but the lag in actually applying the lock is a major disadvantage. The lock is also not exact 50/50 split. Can also be unpredictable as it is a liquid swashing around in the differential, and not a mechanical mechanism.
Clutch-pack: 2-way, much more expensive. Always has an effect, no lag in effect and always a perfect 50/50 split. Much more predictable than viscous, but all this comes at a cost of being pretty expensive.


I have been missing them too, since they are by far the most common types at least in older cars, but maybe it is like you say then.



Also having that many differentials runs into the issue of over complicating things. Theres a reason why you cant set each exact gear ratio or why you cant adjust differential gear ratios. It makes the game overly complicated and makes the experience for people who have no clue what any of that does boring as hell. I think the number of differentials we have now is perfectly fine.


That’s what the top speed setting is…


Taken as a complete sentence (Theres a reason why you cant set each exact gear ratio or why you cant adjust differential gear ratios), I believe they’re referring to the fact you can’t specify a final drive ratio in addition to gear ratios (IE, you couldn’t dictate the exact gearing of a vehicle), you can only adjust a general slider.


My old Ford escort 2.0, IRL diff ratio 3.54:1, 4th direct. In game, set diff at 5:1 (?), same-same.