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Helios Motors - Luxury Reinvented


Introducing the Helios LR-70

This vehicle comes with the option of two engines. They will be revealed soon. Stay tuned…

P.S I will be showing more pictures of each vehicle in the line-up, so you all can better see the designs.


Introducing the Helios LR-30!

LR-30 is a capable off-roader and can adapt to any climate, especially when equipped with the right engine, which of course, is completely up to the customer’s needs. Stay tuned for more!


I would buy this. It kinda looks like a modern day Armada from the rear.


If you need any engines my junkyard is full of them!


Introducing LX60, a midsized sports sedan.

More pictures will be revealed soon!

Introducing LX50

A compact sports sedan, and a great alternative for LX60.
More photos coming!

Here’s a chart of our engines with power and torque numbers.

Here’s another chart with limited vehicle specs.

We do have 2020 model year vehicles coming, but that’s reserved for the future. For now, we just want to introduce our portfolio. As usual, stay tuned!


We don’t have a show, we have many of them that run through the course of the year.


2015 Helios F90 is our flagship sedan, and we’ve packed it full of luxury amenities, including soft, massaging Nappa Leather seat, with stitched inserts. The entire dashboard is covered in our highest grade leather. In addition, an alcantara suede headliner is standard. An optional digital guage cluster can be equipped.

When equipped with our powerful Helios Lightening V8, F90 can go 0-60 in 6.43 seconds. Also, of equipped with the Helios Zeus V8, F90 can complete 0-60 in 4.70 seconds.

A 2020 model is planned and well on the way. It will bring new technology to an already tech rich vehicle. Stay tuned…


For the 2020 model year, we want to introduce something that will cater to our customers that want the look of a sedan, but the step in height of a SUV. Please welcome the newest addition to our line-up, the all new Helios LRX!

This crossover coupe expands on what we bring to our customers. Options… At launch, LRX will come with our Helios Morris V6, but more engine options will come at a later stage.

Pricing starts at $69,900.
Upcoming trims include: Luxury, Sport, and Economy.

2019 is the year to grow, and we’re bringing the heat.


First introduced in 1997, Helios T100 was the talk of the Town. A premium SUV with everything you could dream of. Starting at $48,000, T100 was at the top of the pack.

Redesigned in 2014, T100 became bigger and even more luxurious. High quality materials enhanced the interior, making for one hell of a ride.

T100 has gotten a minor refresh for the 2020 model year. This year we want to also introduce a new trim.

This luxury trim starts at $89,000 and comes equipped with many features. A bench second and third row seats are standard and wrapped in high quality leather.

The new executive trim starts at $130,845. This model comes with bucket style second and third row seats. Each row features it’s own center console. In addition, the two second row seats feature a 10-inch touch screen mounted behind the front seats. Massaging heated and cooled seats are also standard on this trim.

When equipped with the Helios Luxxis V8, T100 can go 0-60 in 7 seconds.

Starting this year, the executive trim will only be available on T100 and F90.


The 2020 LR70 is meant to serve as a midsized luxury crossover with a coupe like appearance.

Starting at $75,500, LR70 is packed with tech and comfort. From the genuine wooden inserts on the dash to the quilted leather heated and cooled seats.




Specs please, if it’s got my name on it, i reserve the right to … something or other :wink:


Actually I’m getting rid of all of the engines that deliver poor gas milage. Including The Morris V6. I’m gonna also rename a few of these engines as well :grinning:. I’ll release those specs when I’m finished


I’m a fan now! :grinning:


Introducing the 2020 Helios LR90

This crossover/wagon was created with prestige and comfort in mind. Luxuriously designed with modern technology surrounds its passengers. Leather wraps around the entire cabin in a variety of color choices.

Engine specs are coming soon!
LR90 comes standard with our brand new 3.7L V6 which produces 325 hp @6,600 RPM and 264 lb-ft @5,200, but for those with power in mind, there’s as option for our new 4.2L V8 which produces 500 hp @6,700 and 422 lb-ft @4,700.

Pricing starts at $81,000 for the V6 model and $87,000 for the V8 model.

As for fuel economy, the V6 gets 18 mpg, while the V8 gets 16 mpg.


Not very economic.


How fast?


Yeah I know, do have a 3.0 Turbo V6 that should have great fuel economy! So that will be an option!


The V6 is 0-60 in 7.23 seconds and the V8 is 5.00 seconds


The refreshed 2020 LX60 doesn’t only come with improved looks, we’ve improved on the fit and finish, engine options, and performance.

The all new Helios 3.6 turbo V6 and 4.0 turbo V8 are options for LX60. Fuel economy was also improved over the outgoing model, from 15 mpg to 22 or 23 mpg, depending on the engine choice.

When equipped with the 381 hp turbo V6, LX60 completes the 0-60 in 6.8 seconds, while with the 510 hp turbo V8, achieves 0-60 in 5.22 seconds.

Pricing starts at $62,000 and tops out at $68,000.