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Hello, I'm Having Problems Launching The Unreal Engine Version Of The Game


Hi, I have one simple question, I am getting a certain error message on the black screen of the unreal version of the game and it is this:

“Plugin ‘FMODStudio’ Could not be found. Please consider installing the plugin, or uninstalling it for this session.”

Any help on this is greatly appreciated, cheers!


Have you just downloaded/installed Automation? Or has this occurred with trying the beta?


No, I’ve had the unreal version since it came out. I think I might be answering the question wrong.


I’m reinstalling the game right now so hopefully it fixes the issue.


The first simple thing to try, is to validate your local game files to make sure Steam has successfully downloaded everything. The error could be right, and the FMODStudio plugin could actually be missing.

If the reinstall doesn’t work, try this:

Right Click -> Properties on Automation - The Car Company -> Local Files -> Verify Integrity of Game files.

That should get Steam to check over everything and download anything that is missing. It should say something like x files missing.

If that still doesn’t work, come back here and I’ll give you some other stuff to try.


Alright, thanks a bunch!