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How do i make all type of diving aid available?


I don’t know why, but most of my cars only get the option of ABS, any driving aid above that doesn’t appear in the menu.

What must i do to get all choises? What must i put on my cars for the other options to become available at the end of developement?

This would be very helpful as i did a few very fast cars and I lack the talent to keep them under control at high speed in BeamNG


It is time based. Further control aids appear in more recent years


ESC and traction control weren’t around until the 90’s. You can get around this by keeping the model year wherever you want it while boosting the trim year high enough to get the safety features without changing anything else.


Weird! I always choose 2020 for everything! and sometime the game put it back whitout telling me but always back to 2012 no older then that so then it shouldn’t be a problem but it still happen…


Are you trying to build carbed engines in 2020 maybe? Because that doesn’t work with ESC, as you don’t have an ECU! Keep that in mind :slight_smile:


AAaaaH! that must be it, i’m making Neo-classics! so carbs are an old tech that I keep for retro effect

Guess i’ll go for one more anachronical thing on the very high performance models