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Hybrid Beaters League


I had an heart attack for few seconds because of 65 MPG :rage:


uuuggghhhh making an inline 4 turbo that gets me 58mpg is so tempting thoughhhhh


8 days remaining! Just a friendly reminder.

So far, I have cars from:


There’s no real rush, but I’m trying to keep everyone up to date with this challenge.


I wont b in this one too much RL work


i’ll get mine in soon


Does it have to be running on petrol?

Shameless Plug


An economy of 8L/100km is impressive considering a vehicle weight of 2.3 metric tons, but that’s still well above the 4.7L/100km stipulated by the other rules :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a stupid rule, not all Hybrids are ecnonoshitboxes. There are like tens of Hybrid SUVs and Trucks waiting to be outperformed on nearly every level except maybe top speed.


Aside from the fact I’m making a sports sedan with over 300bhp to comply with the rules, you do raise a good thought, maybe you should consider expanding on the current challenge to take on other classes. I’d probably join that.

Also that truck looks like a boss.


How do you get so clear image of the stats on the black background? Simply precisely editing a normal screenshot or some option in the game?


Editing. I’ve cut out this box, then I increased contrast to max, turned the brightness up a bit and adjusted colours for that eco-friendly green.


Classic Strop.


Well, I was considering making this a continuous challenge after this, and Wild German brings up a good point. Not all hybrids are small shitbox cars, and while I’d set this round up to beat those cars at their own game, maybe the next round could be trying to make the most fuel-efficient truck possible.

That said, I’d be incredibly impressed if someone got a truck into this round of the challenge.

(And just for the record, if you manage to make something that is lore-wise a diesel, just let me know and I’ll make sure to mention that.)


What I did before was have each player submit cars from 5 different markets and average the fuel economy to get a fleet average aka CAFE style.

I was thinking about expanding it a bit so that there would be so many cars being sold depending on how each car sold for its market compared to the others but I am still barely working on how I would do the math for that.


what mods have those parts? I don’t have those headlamps/tailights or grill or even wheels!


Wheels are default/vanilla, and he built the headlights + taillights with in-game parts.


oh, ok


Kimura announces our new limited production prototype, dubbed the “EPi-X.” We shall delve into the meaning of each of these letters.

The “E” in “EPi-X” stands for “Economy.” The economy for such a vehicle is astonishing; whilst the car is a comfortable, engaging, and reliable mode of transportation, the fuel economy for the EPi-X reaches upwards of 51 combined US MPG. This figure is higher than numerous hybrid vehicles on sale today, including the Honda Accord Hybrid, Toyota Camry Hybrid, and Audi A3 Sportback e-tron. Because of an incredibly low air to fuel ratio and low-friction cast pistons, the car has the ability to achieve such gas mileage with ease without sacrificing power and day-to-day usability that would normally occur with a turbocharged vehicle or a plug-in hybrid.

The “P” in “EPi-X” has a double meaning: Petrol and Performance. The EPi-X has many weight-saving materials inside and outside which maximize the ability of the petrol engine without sacrificing comfort. Because of this decrease of weight, the EPi-X is able to accelerate to 62 MPH (100 km/h) in about 7 and a half seconds, comparable to most cars of this size class. The performance isn’t limited to straight line speed; the “i” stands for innovation, which comes into play with performance. The interior of the EPi-X is very much the same as other Kimura vehicles, which demonstrates the innovation needed to lower weight for such a vehicle like this.

The “X” in EPi-X stands for “eXperimental.” The body shape of the EPi-X may appear to be that of a sleek saloon, but in fact it is actually a hatchback. Maximizing practicality in ways many haven’t thought of in this class demonstrates the experimental style of the vehicle. The engine not only is a small V6 which helps aid packaging, but also utilizes a magnesium block and a composite head, which both provide durability and are only reserved mostly for the most exotic of cars. Finally, the final experiment for the EPi-X is the styling; designed in conjunction with our homeland designers in Hokkaido and our designers in California, the EPi-X is a showcase of practical yet sexy design, with curves placed in areas which enhance the styling of the car as a whole. The EPi-X is as it’s named suggests; an economical, experimental and innovative vehicle which can perform well on all occasions.


What an appropriate name for a groundbreaking machine! Is it front-, rear-, or all-wheel drive?

@titleguy1 I was expecting a car like this to be a front-driver, but does it use a torsion beam rear end?


It’s transverse FWD.

It has MacPherson Strut up front and Double Wishbone in the rear.