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I am doing something wrong and I don't know what it is



I’ve watched all the tutorials (I think) even though a bit rashily as for some reason my boss doesn’t seem to be as excited by this game as I am, but I can’t make any profit and I’m not sure why.

I’ve loosely followed one of the playthroughs (Archana Shitboxes) in order to replicate something similar, but with some differences.


  • Archana 1946
  • Three trims, all with the same engine (i4 0.9 cc, 28hp)
  • Sedan, aimed at standard/premium family
  • Sedan, aimed at budget family
  • Delivery
  • Screenshot here: https://prnt.sc/pr65ie
  • Competitiveness is higher than 50, so even though the trims are definitely meh, they’re not completely wrong
  • The engine is a fart but I read that in the early days it’s not really important
  • The production bit is where it all goes wrong
  • Screenshot here: https://prnt.sc/pr68k7
  • In the engineering panel, values change and I’m not sure why. Are the trims becoming more expensive for something I did in the production tab?
  • No profit then

Could anybody at least confirm that the car is fine?


“Competitiveness is higher than 50, so even though the trims are definitely meh, they’re not completely wrong”

50 IS very very Low. You want to aim at a Score of 100 or more


I see, must have been old info then.

In any case, if the competitiveness is what you see in the first screenshot, then I’m above 100


In what way do you not turn a profit? If you are in Archana the market will be very small and it will be difficult to sell that many cars. Best check the demographic sizes at your awareness and compare them to how many cars you’re making.


Sorry, it wouldnt let me post an additional screenshot in the first post.
Like this: https://prnt.sc/prghk6


Update: I’ve started another campaign in Gas-something with a more expensive car/trims and money is coming in.
I still need to learn how to read the market data, because that seemed to have been the problem indeed.

Loving the game btw.