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I broke the economy in LCV3


I tried to set up a luxury/prestige/GT type company out of Dalluha, and when I tried to implement the first revision of the first model, the economy did something… weird. See for yourself. Did I break something, or is this a known bug, or…?

LCV3_Economy_broken_Autosave.zip (787.8 KB)


Well, it’s not the economy doing anything weird, but rather something broke in your project. What broke is impossible to tell from just looking at the results, we would have to see the save of the not-yet-signed-off project that caused this :slight_smile:


Fair enough, here is the auto save from just before I started the MkII projects. Hope it helps. I have two earlier yearly saves ('52 and '51), but that’s it.

Mons Motors_Yearly1953.zip (484.5 KB)