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I'm Bored (a pilot test for the 2nd FITE ME)


got something going :slight_smile: MR turbo gang


1989 - Ponni Pisteró RS

RWD, 3.2L N/A 24V V6.


Here is my car that i submitted to Strop while back. It has a 2.4L i4 producing 150HP, it is RWD, Weights 1100KG, has a standard interior and only costs around 8500$.


1994 - Iserim Sol ECOgt

  • 1.8L N/A I4 120hp
  • FWD
  • 890kg
  • 5 speed manual gearbox
  • viscous diff.
  • 7700$


Based on its success as a pure lightweight track toy, it was inevitable that the 1991 900SE would receive a worthy successor. The 950QD, however, would not be it; instead the model was an attempt to broaden the brand’s appeal and entice those with more demand for practicality. Featuring a 2+2 configuration and enhanced boot space, the inspiration was clear: Quaque Die, that is, Every Day.

Despite having largely the same floorpan and 2190 mm wheelbase, the car featured plenty to be excited about: an all-new 1.7 liter turbocharged powerplant helped mitigate the 80 kilos it put on, while the widened rims, rear disc brakes, and full-fledged ESC kept it firmly under control. The numbers spoke for themselves: 162 hp at the crank propelled 973 kilograms into corners at 1.11 Gs through a 5-speed manual, driving strictly the rear wheels only. The car did the 0-100 sprint in 6.3 seconds, and the quarter mile in 14.7, up to the e-limited top speed of 210 km/h.

It’s hard to imagine living seriously with the 950QD however: the enhanced boot was still pitiful, the plain and plastic-y interior was more cramped than ever, and the suspension would definitely shake your fillings out on a less than pristine city road. While the mileage was excellent, the maintenance costs made it less than desirable, even more so with the aggressive markup on the sub-$10k production costs. The car was a commercial failure, in which the marginal safety features also played part, and only 5000 were ever produced and sold; the design and tooling were not much later recycled for the proper deal, the 950SE. It has been more sought after since however: they largely survived thanks to the better rustproofing, so toss the useless weight out, maybe the successor’s larger engine in, and you’ve got quite a capable machine.


2000 Ishu Astrion 700T

Engine: 700cc DOHC I3, Turbocharged
Power: 115 hp
Redline: 10,000 RPM
Weight: 870 kg
Seats: 4
Gearbox: 5 speed manual transaxle


It seems to be the perfect rival for my car.:thinking:


Presenting the 1987 Basumai TX7 B6


The 1987 Basumai TX7 B6 is made to fill a niche in-between a full-budget I4 sports car and an expensive sports car, with its 2.5L 145 HP B6 this TX7 goes from 0-60 mph in under 7 seconds while still getting a respectable 19.7 MPG, considering its speed. At roughly 10k at 0% markup, it may not be the cheapest option, but its great handling and impressive acceleration is sure to impress.

Them Tasty Pics


The 1995 JHW Lynx S5

130mph, 6.7s 0-62mph, 8L/100km. all for under $10,000!*

*all figures approx.


1994 Bradford Vector


1992 Mitsushita Jesta Baleno TCS

1.8-litre 4 Cylinder, 175hp, 960kg, 0-100km/h 6.3 seconds, top speed 225km/h, 1.10g cornering, 8.8l/100km, Torsen Diff, 9,700$.


1988 Armor Cricket GT4. A little on the expensive side ($10,300) but it’s dialed in pretty well I think.


I now have downloaded and exported entries from:


*pending revision for either retune or rule violation.

Initial testing is mostly up to date. This is obviously quite a few entries so the format will be as follows:

  • There will be a table for the basic stats. They are only a rough guide as some of you decided to use medium tyres instead of sport which affects overall grip significantly, so there will be quite a bit of mismatch between power to weight ratios and track times.
  • Then I’ll have a text comment for various aspects for each car. The majority of the cars will have a 30-50s long video vignette in which I explain the essential strengths/weaknesses of the car.
  • However my five favourite cars to drive will get a more indepth review with much more explanation.

That’s really all there is to it. Keep in mind (I’m not sure if I was clear enough) that there are three “sets” of criteria i.e. think of it as 3 different people with different emphasis, and there’s no right or wrong answer as to who you would gear towards (the only wrong answer is “none of them”). For more info refer to the OP.


1995 Franklin Marshall Cerberus - Track edition.


1994 Geschenk Gato

1.8 Liter 180 HP N/A Inline 4.
1104 Kg, top speed 220 km/h 9.5/100km.
Includes fully carpeted interior with cloth seats, and radio with cassette player.


The 1981 Pulsar De défi 1500 Turbo.

216bhp/Metric fun!


A car of choice, French auto manufacture Pulsar decided to take an exsisting model, double the displacement and feed it a turbocharger. Brought the humble car up to the task of tackling race circuits, only one problem, they had to make enough to sell.


Engine: 1494cc Flat-4 OHC 8v MFI Turbo 142bhp @ 6400 rpm Redline @ 6900 rpm Chassis: Unibody construction Strut suspension F/R 647kg wet 40/60 Brakes: 240/220 MM vented single piston



Hey guys… Introducing the Stelvio, Italian Group B Homologation car… 1983.

2L Boxer 6 turbo with 230bhp… 1140kg kerb weight, mid engine, rear drive.


Well… Hi gents. I’ve sent the little RR into battle. No money spent on design. 160hp V6, 850kg, skinny tyres and 6l/100km.


the 1994 Kinusoka Jade/Straker Gemin, 4 seats, 144hp, 945kg, what more could you ask for $8500?
totally not a civic


Cyanide Motors 1982 Terrier S1

Sporty version of a simple hatchback.


Engine: CM-1982-1 E2 - 2L Naturally Aspirated Boxer-4 making 150hp
Mass: 908kg
Seats: 4
Economy: 12.9L/100km
Price: Available from 9984$