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ImprezaSkylines99's car workshop!


Hi guys, my name is ImprezaSkyline99 and I’m here to show you all my best car and the vehicle I’m proudest of building :grinning:. It is based on the 2016 Subaru Impreza WRX STi hatchback (one of my favorite cars :grinning:). However, I gave it some touch ups that I felt improved the car as a whole. It’s one of my first builds so please leave constructive criticism!

(Other pics will be coming soon, can only put 1 picture per post xD)

(BTW, I’m really loving this game! A friend (deskyx) recommended it to me and I’m hooked! I’ll update this post if I get more good car ideas. Have a few things in mind that I really like to shape into a reality :grinning: )



You may now post!


I’d reccomend posting some slightly larger pictures.

They’re fairly small, especially the track and engine pics, which makes it hard to check out your stats.

Also, I’d reccomend taking a picture of the front end of the car.


I… can’t see the numbers, sorry. :frowning:


Alright guys, I edited the pictures so I thing it should be visible now. You anyone please give me feedback on my car :grinning: ???

EDIT: and here is a picture of the front, @TrackpadUser


I’d really recommend putting the full size pics if you can. We can barely read the numbers, especially since they get fudged up by the jpg compression.


I feel like it’s a bit down on power to be based off a WRX Sti, actually.


@TrackpadUser This is as good as I can get them :grinning: . It seems like the other person could read the stats now, so the problem is probably on your side and not mine :wink: .

@squidhead I made the car have less horse power on purpose, so young drivers like me could afford to buy it and pay insurance on it :grinning: . I wanted to make me car my dream car, but the Subaru Impreza is very expensive to buy and insure for me so I cut down the power to make it affordable.


I agree with @squidhead, it seems to be lacking power and the handling as well. I’d say it’s a good start though, keep tweaking it and you’ll get it figured out in no time.


This is automation forums. Hypercars are a plenty, so…

:wink: Go all out, create a company , make different trims for this, eco daily, comfort and racecar for all the needs you could have a separate car