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IMSA Automation GT Challenge '78


The endurance races are gone now and only 1 car has come out victorious so far. But as we look towards the sprint races we look for other cars that will come out on the top step of the podium. The AGTC heads towards Road Atlanta for the third round of the AGTC, and for 40 laps the IMSA GTX monsters will thrash their way around the circuit to attempt to become the second winner of an AGTC race. The only question is who has the guts to do so?

Qualifying is under way, and the sound of i4’s to V12’s rise up from the 4 km circuit. You can hear tires squealing from the tough esses, and farther up the track, brakes whining from the drivers braking at the last moment down the backstraight. Everyone is trying to get the most out of their cars, taking every advantage they can.

The lap times are announced, in seconds. Once again the Borch’s step to the top, with the Hammerhead leading the WSD. Whether they bring this performance the the race is something we believe they can do. Smooth are following the Borch’s coming back after a strong 2nd place last race. GBF once again get into the top 5 after a strong performance in qualifying last race, this time getting ahead of Nohda. The rear and mid field get shuffled around a bit, but the IMSA Torana gets pushed to be back, almost 4 seconds behind the second to last place.

Let’s direct our attention to the race:


  • Lap time = raw lap time in Kee which we call the qualifying time
  • Time = time it takes for a car to finish a certain number of laps

The first sprint race of the season has shown us the Borch WSD won’t be dominant every race as Smooth takes its first win of the season after DNFing at Daytona and rising to 2nd at Sebring. The Borch was surprisingly far behind. The usual top 5 competitors make their way up and secure their rightful spots, unfortunately pushing some strong qualifying contenders out of the way like the GBF entry. Some mid field contenders made up positions, but couldn’t catch the leaders. Not a single car DNF’ed or stopped for fuel, only making the racing more pure.

Smooth has taken victory ahead of Borch #1, with nearly 100 seconds separating the pair. Montrouge once again follows the leaders and takes the final spot on the podium, well over a minute behind the leaders. Missing out on the podium and finishing the top 5 are our Nohda and Cavalerra entries in 4th and 5th, separated by about 15 seconds. Beyond that the Stryker car races alone in 6th while the Borch #2 car continues to be a tough car to tame finishing in 7th, beating GBF in 8th and Scarab in 9th. The IMSA Spec Van manages to get their car into the top 10 for the second time this season. The LAM van once again doesn’t make it into the points, after showing signs of improvement at Sebring. The IMSA Torana manages to finish this time, but that ends their luck. They stay in 20th position.

After 3844 seconds @AirJordan has taken victory for the first time this season!

A close battle between the Borch WSD and Smooth cars results in a first victory for the Smooth team. It is clear that Borch have something to worry about now. The top 5 are still fighting for positions, and the battle gets closer every race. What will come in Laguna Seca is still a mystery.

Championship Standings

Congrats to @AirJordan, @strop, and @EnryGT5 for finishing on the podium!

This was a bit rushed so sorry about that. My afternoon was filled up with unexpected things so I had to wait until night time to finish this.






Well I mean, you know, it could have gone worse I guess…

Also, @Detsikeulii:sunglasses:




How is my 1000 horsepower monstrosity not in last place?


It’s clearly not as bad as… some


Darn, slipped from 11th to 12 in that race… I was hoping to get the same points in each race.


Nohda remaining in the top 5!? Woot!


@Rk38 you’re so goddamn consistent man. 7th or 8th :joy: 3rd best raw time. fuel economy killed it


Speedemon will be out with the results in a short while :smile:


We’re on our way to the second sprint race of the season! We head across the country from Georgia to California, where we will see Smooth try to fend off the Borch WSD at the challenging Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Smooth came back strong after failing to finish the Daytona 24 Hours, finishing second in the Sebring 12 Hours and then taking a win at Road Atlanta. Borch is looking to re-claim their throne, but others are also waiting to take their claim to fame. 40 Laps decides who comes out on top, as the battle between Borch and Smooth rages on.

The cars have geared up for qualifying and have set to the track! Some cars are having trouble controlling their cars, especially in corners like the infamous Corkscrew. It is not a rare sight to see the drivers locking up or going off track as push themselves and their cars to the limit. The 3.7 km circuit may be one of the smallest on the calendar, but as the drivers will prove, it is one of the toughest. The checkered flag waves to end the qualifying session.

The lap times are announced, in seconds. Once again the Borch’s step to the top, the Borch Hammerhead ahead of the Borch WSD. The Smooth Gmartg - the winner of the last race - is right behind. Rounding out the top five are the Nohda and Cavallera cars. Just missing out of the top 5 is the GBF entry, followed by the 7th place car, Montrouge. Stryker is behind them in 8th, and in 9th is the IMSA Spec Van. Finally, the last of the top 10 is Bogliq, pushing out the likes of Conte and Scarab. A surprise in qualifying is the performance of the IMSA Torana, which qualifies in 14th after starting in last place at Road Atlanta.

It’s time to see the results:

  • Lap time = raw lap time in Kee which we call the qualifying time
  • Time = Time it took to complete the race
  • Purple is the number of errors made by the driver

Smooth has managed to win 2 races in a row, keeping the Borch WSD out of the spotlight. However what will catch the eye is the gap between 3rd, 4th and 5th place, with those places being separated by just 8 tenths of a second! Coming out on top of that battle is the Montrouge once again, with Cavallera missing out on the podium finishing ahead of Nohda by an impressive 1 tenth of a second! The competition up front was sure tight at Laguna Seca.

The Borch WSD car has fallen victim to the Smooth Gmartg once again. Smooth seems to have had the advantage during the sprint races, taking victories at the only sprint races so far this season. Smooth completed the 42 laps in 4194 seconds, while far behind was the Borch WSD completing the race in 4210 seconds. Borch will be looking for revenge at Portland. Although Smooth’s victory was impressive, the battle for third has it beat. Montrouge takes the final podium spot by just 0.65 seconds, while Cavallera claims 4th by just 0.09 seconds, fending off the Nohda 500V. Behind the incredible battle for 3rd is Stryker in 6th, ahead of the Borch Hammerhead in 7th. Scarab rises to 8th place, finishing ahead of GBF, which struggled over the length of the race. Taking another top 10 finish is the IMSA Spec Van, once again showing LAM who has the best van. However LAM is making improvements as they finish in the points, taking 14th place. Strong showings in qualifying didn’t translate to race performance with the IMSA Torana, which finishes in 20th again.

After 4194 seconds @AirJordan takes back-to-back wins in Laguna Seca!

Smooth has taken victories at all the sprint races so far this season, putting pressure on Borch for the rest of the season. Montrouge, Cavallera and Nohda are still fighting over who can take the podium, but as we have seen it’s one we got to be focusing on. Next race we bring the field of 20 cars to Portland, hoping to see more action from our leading competitors.

Championship Standings

Congrats to @AirJordan, @strop, and @EnryGT5 for finishing on the podium!

bonus content!

The ErinSport TI-76 spotted on track.



You mean to say… if not for the Smooth’s unfortunate DNF, we would be down on points!?

Unacceptable. WSD must somehow eke out more wins on the sprint races!


Well, I mean, I guess our car looks pretty decent out on the track? It has some redeeming qualities. Some.


Considering I threw this car together in less than an hour before the deadline I’m pretty pleased with hanging around in 6th



Speedemon and I have become quite a bit busy this week so we’re slowing down the pace of releases. Today’s race will come tomorrow and the next race will likely be out Sunday (assuming I work out how to get the spreadsheet going in the first place :cold_sweat:).
My sincere apologies for not communicating this until the last minute.


The fervent pace of battle has not let up as the cars zip around the high speed layout of Portland. Being the second last race, the smell of the end wafts in occasionally but all the drivers keep their eyes locked on the road ahead. Portland is an intense sprint, with lots of straights and no pit stops, just one mad dash for the finish line. Will Smooth sail through, unabated or could WSD be a challenger? Perhaps one of the strong qualifiers from the previous races will finish well here? We shall see.

One by one the cars stretch their metaphorical legs, coming out from the lairs that are their pit boxes. Ambling around slowly for a few laps and building up heat in the tyres and brakes, the cars weave side to side. The long straights concluded by tight corners will be a real test of straight line speed, braking and dynamic response. One of the Borches rockets off and one by one each of the cars fly past the starting line, their drivers hammering on the cars. A few laps later and the cars roll into the pit lane to cool down while the times are revealed.

Once again, the prodigious Borches take first and second, followed by Smooth. Nohda establish themselves at 4th, with the Falco scraping into 5th place a mere 0.05 seconds in front of the Italian beaut, the Mansio. All the while, the Estoc gives chase, only a further 0.25 seconds behind. The next car finishes roughly half a second later, just in front of a train of cars that fall into the 86 second bracket. The Torana, pulling a 87.64 sits just before the Merna, unfortunately, not as strong of a performance in qualifying as last time.

Time is up. The Torana crosses the line, tearing past the checkered flag, closing the race. Another solid victory for Smooth.

Not just this, but Smooth has actually just pulled off a hat-trick after scoring three back-to-back victories at Laguna Seca, Road Atlanta and now here on the grounds of the Portland International Raceway. Of course, the Borch WSD sits right on it's tail, with the slowest of the pair finishing almost one and a quarter minute ahead of third place. Which this time, is actually the Catalan, taking home it's best result yet. The unwavering Montrouge crosses the line around 3 seconds later. Nohda's 500V brings home a 5th place finish, just under 30 seconds after the Estoc. Trailing the top 5 are the consistent midpack runners: the second Borch, GBF, Bogliq and the Stryker (in no particular order). Scarab has dropped down the order a fair bit compared to last time, unfortunately, while TheElt continues their decent performance, clinching 11th. The poor Erin, Torana, Sinistra and Birch continue to struggle.

Triumphing after 4263 seconds @AirJordan nabs yet another victory!

However, the other teams are not going to make it easy for Smooth to walk away the winner, as the loss in the first race is still a heavy disadvantage to them. With only one race left to go, the suspense is real. There are two distinct groups to keep an eye on for the finest action, firstly the positions between 3 and 5 to 6, and again between 8 to 12, roughly. Cavallera only sits 10 points above Smooth though, not a huge difference, and even if they continue to take a 3rd place in the next race, Smooth will likely outdo them and knock them out of the podium, so definitely something to watch for.

Congrats to @strop, @EnryGT5 and @ramthecowy for making the podium… for now!


Struggle? Lies! This is all part of the plan.


This is really weird. I have higher drivability and faster base lap time than the Smooth. So why do I end up making more mistakes and finishing behind? Is it purely bad luck, or, say, a shitty driver?


Well at least moral wictory will be mine…