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IMSA Automation GT Challenge '78


I’m pretty consistent, at least :slight_smile:

(note to self, moar horses next time around)


Seriously? There was a car slower than mine? G&W must have over-engineered this thing!

Hypothetically, would it have been wiser to go the turbo route…? 425hp and vMax of 270-odd with bugger-all difference to driveability.


@strop I would suspect it having to do something with the sportiness of his car, but you will have to ask Speedemon for a proper answer.


Khm…awesomeness of my car…


So, how much of the track is covered by the mighty one-tire-fire of 1009 horses stampeding out through a 225mm wide rear tire?

Oh, and we’ll be sacrificing another four-cylinder engine in hopes of placing better next round.


Russ said it was probably RNG gods hating on me, so probably scratch that theory @AirJordan :stuck_out_tongue:


Being salty hmmm… :wink: Well for once RNG gods are fine with my work. Good.


I’ve just been having fun seeing whether my terrifying 1000 horsepower monster finishes the race.


We are on to the final race of the season, and at this point it’s no doubt the Borch WSD car will win the championship. However the Smooth Gmartg has pulled off a hat trick of wins in every sprint race we have had, with the Borch WSD only winning the endurance races. One win would automatically push Smooth into the top 3. Clearly only two cars can come out on top, and they’ll do anything they can to get there. We’ll see who is the victor at the Mid Ohio Sports Car Course for the final event in the 1978 Automation GT Challenge.

The green flag waves for the qualifying session, and like in previous races the Borch’s look fast in qualifying. The smell of burning rubber fills the air as the 20 cars power their ways around the 3.8 km circuit. Quite a few cars have been sliding all over the track with the drivers asking too much of their machines. A wide range of engine sounds fills the track, but then it all stops. The qualifying session comes to a close.

The lap times are announced, in seconds. The Borch’s prove strong again with the Hammerhead ahead of the WSD. Smooth follows behind the Borch’s. GBF impress with a 4th place time, one of the best quali results of their season. Nohda are stuck behind GBF, and behind Nohda is the Cavallera. The Montrouge takes 7th in qualifying, going faster than the Stryker and Conte entries, in 8th and 9th. Rounding out the top 10 is the Scarab car.

It’s time to finish off the season:

  • Lap time = raw lap time in Kee which we call the qualifying time
  • Time = Time it took to complete the race
  • No. of Errors = the number of errors made by the driver

Smooth has come around to fend off the Borch WSD to win all sprint races of the season! A very impressive feat from the Smooth Gmartg, but luck was also on their side. The Borch WSD has had bad luck ever since the first sprint race, but they also seem to be suited to the endurance races. The battle for the podium was extremely close though, with Cavallera coming out of the fight ahead of Montrouge but just 0.26 seconds! Nohda didn’t participate in the battle, but end home 5th, completing the top 5.

The Borch WSD crew will be happy about taking the championship and the Smooth crew will be happy about winning the most races in the season. After having reliability issues in the Daytona 24 Hours they came back to take victory at the sprint races of the season. Another close finish sees Cavallera finishing on the podium ahead of Montrouge. Nohda finishes the top 5 for today, and outside of the top 5 we see Stryker and the Borch Hammerhead sit 6th and 7th. Scarab pull off another 8th place finish, with GBF unfortunately falling behind to 9th after such an impressive lap time in qualifying. Making into the top 10 for the 4th time this season is the IMSA Spec Van, once again proving who has the fastest van this year. Sinistra and the IMSA Torana are second-last and last again, which makes it a poor season for the two teams. LAM weren’t able to pull of another points finish, staying back in 17th.

After 4162 seconds @AirJordan takes victory in the last race of the season!

Smooth impresses again and takes the win to make it 4 victories over the course of 6 races! Smooth will be happy with their consistency, but the people behind the Borch WSD car will be extremely happy with taking the championship, too. After fighting hard we finish off the season with the Borch WSD on top, the Smooth behind them, but dominating the sprint races of the season. It was all great fun, and we’ll see you next time!

Championship Standings

@strop wins the 1978 IMSA Automation GT Challenge!

Congrats to @strop and everyone else who participated in the AGTC!

Congrats to @AirJordan, @strop, and @ramthecowy for finishing on the podium!

The Car Shopping Round (Round 64): Tears in Heaven

Thanks for hosting a great competition! Congrats to Strop for the podium and the championship!


AHA! Not Last!



I’m not dead last! I’m actually improving! Whooooo!

In all seriousness, thank you for hosting a great challenge @Speedemon!


I’d love some feedback on my car’s lack of competitiveness… Please!!! :thinking:

1: I thought I had a powerful engine but I tend to tune too conservative; was I mistaken?

2: I did my best on suspension tuning but would love some feedback on my setup!

3: Did I pick a competitive body in the first place? (Since I tend to choose based on looks rather than ability!)


Well, I’ll take what I can get, though it’s a bit of a phyrric victory winning a season because a car that was slower and less drivable than yours beat you in almost every race except the one where it somehow did a Toyota.

These stats are pretty much identical to the stats on the previous race, so what you said to me about RNG doesn’t sound particularly compelling :thinking: Ram seemed to suggest it might be something to do with the sportiness stat, though he did qualify that he wasn’t privy to the calculations (how???). Nonetheless this, imho, makes no sense to factor in as a characteristic of the car in a straight out timed challenge, so I also don’t know if I’d take that into account. As a bit of a number cruncher (when I’m so inclined, which isn’t that often these days), I’d love to see your working.

Ultimately though it isn’t a huge issue in the bigger scheme of things, so much as me poking at ways in which your organisational and processing skills can develop further. On the plus side, the season was actually completed, so well done and thanks!


What a fascinating conclusion to the series! The Borch may not have been the fastest of the bunch, but it won the one race that Smooth DNF’d - and that was enough to clinch the title.


You called my car average in the initial write up… and hey guess where it ended up in (11th) average place :stuck_out_tongue:


15th? I’ll take that. Funny how my car had the slowest raw lap time most of the time but still was able to finish on points…


Fantastic competition and very well done to @strop and the Borch team! Cannot wait for another round of this, had a lot of fun working on the car and following the races.


Would love another round of this competition (I’m feeling early 80s) congrats to the winners, great championship.


The best van drove admirably and performed beyond expectations, and more importantly smashed it’s rival. The driver has balls and skill to be that consistent

Brilliant challenge, was a heap of fun making and watching the results come in!