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Intake Options


Firstly, hope you’re all keeping well. Secondly, a far bit ago in this video you mentioned and showed off some more intake options that would be coming at some point and I was just wondering if they were still coming at some stage or have they been dropped?


The models shown in this video are partially used for the current intake options. The other ones were for the new options in the engine designer revamp that had to be postponed till after Automation 1.0 unfortunately. That would entail a complete rewrite of most of the engine calculations.


Ahh ok, well something to look forward too!


Slightly off topic, but when do you expect to start releasing DLC’s? (I know it’s very hard to predict, but maybe within a year or so kind of range?) I want to give you all of my money :slight_smile:


No DLCs before release of V1.0, and no launch DLC either :slight_smile: so it will take us at least a few months after 1.0 is released to put out DLC for Automation.