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Name: David “SamSheepDoq” Garza

Occupation: High school, yo!

Location: Bakersfield, California

Interests: God, Vehicles, Socializing, Engines, and more.

Vehicles Currently Owned: 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 with the LR4 4.8L V8 (mods: AEM cold air intake, programmer, tornado (Google it), and more when I have money) paired to a 4L60-E running a 3.73 (I need a 4.10) on 33" and 16" wheels (nothing special, just standard off-road wheels)

Dream Garage Vehicles: Brace yourselves, a list is coming! Takes deep breath
[ul]1. 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD 8.1L
2. 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 w/ Z07 package
3. 2014 Caterham 7 175 and CSR
4. 2014 Rolls Royce Phantom
5. 2000 BMW M3 GTR
6. 2014 Ariel Atom 3
7. 2014 Ram 2500 6.7L Cummins
8. 1979 Ford F-250
9. 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454
And several others that I can’t think of…[/ul]

Previous Vehicles of Interest:

How did you find us? Google brought me here, now I have dreams of starting a car company.

About: I’m definitely a different kind of teenager. When you get to know me, you’ll understand what I mean.


Name: Daniel Lamb

Occupation: Disabled

Location: Las Vegas NV USA

Interests: Games, Programming, Vehicles, My Kids, Engines

Vehicles Currently Owned: 03 Chevy Tahoe and a Hyundai Elentra 04 I think.

Dream Garage Vehicles: Datsun 510, 2nd Gen DSM GSX

Previous Vehicles of Interest: Mitsubishi Starion 86, Mitsubishi Eclipse,

How did you find us? A Youtube video

About: Not a whole lot to say, 38 and I have 4 kids. It has kind of killed my car ambitions. I can still dream.

Something Extra: I am so exited for this game. Been playing around with the Demo. I am going to buy as soon as I am done writing this.


Name: Ilorio

Occupation: Part time student/machinist

Location: South Florida, USA

Interests: Drag Racing

Vehicles Currently Owned: 2013 Chevrolet Camaro SS 1LE (Mods: Intake, Long tube headers, Cam, Lifters, Pushrods, Rockers Arms, Springs, Retainers, ect… Ford 9 in w/ Detroit Locker ready to be swapped in after the stock rear end blows. 200 Shot DP, TH400 w/ MVB, and axles happening soon.)
2002 Toyota Highlander V6 (Stock,the daily)

Dream Garage Vehicles: 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle and my current Camaro both set up for dig racing.

Previous Vehicles of Interest: 2012 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport, car got totaled by an idiot who ran a red light, only had it for a month.

How did you find us? Article written on Jalopnik.


Name: crazyeyes218 (derivation of an old nick-name)

Occupation: Bellman

Location: The Rockies (USA)

Intrest: Geology, physics, cars, tuning, video games, brewing

Vehicles: 2013 Ford Focus ST

Dream garage vehicles: Oh lord, do I have to narrow this down or what… let’s see.

  1. SRT Viper
  2. SRT Challenger (G3 426 HEMI swap w/ roots supercharger)
  3. 2013 Mustang GT500 Super Snake
  4. AM DB9
  5. E30 M3

How did you find us?
Believe it or not, 4chan’s /o/ board. Saw a pic from the engine designer, asked for sauce, and OP delivered.

Previous vehicles of interest: Unless you call a non-M BMW interesting, none.

Making a little cash while trying to get my career in the sciences jump started. And of course, coming up with many an idea for tuning and modding of current vehicles. Challenger with a MOPAR 7.0L slotted in and blown, taking a page outta Hennesy’s book (lotus chassis with a leviathan motor from the states), and for the more achievable, mess around with a early 90’s mustang, 351w swap + blower, for a summer vehicle.

Gamer, with a focus on RPG’s, racing games (Forza 5) and now this, as I love the idea of being able to design a motor (and eventually car) from scratch, and have, almost, 100% control over every aspect of the design. And finally, I have dabbled in the art of craft brewing with, shall we say, limited success. Fun, but I need a LOT of work. Oddly enough, the same can be said about my attempts at turbocharging ingame.




Location: Örnsköldsvik,Sweden

Interrests: Gaming,Cooking,Cars,Racing,Aircraft

Vehicles Currently Owned: None

Dream Garage Vehicles : VW Golf Mk3, Honda CRX.

About: Classified.

How I Found You? Well i Googled For Automation when i got one of Kilrobs Videos as a Recommedation on Youtube :smiley:


Hi everyone! I’ve been hooked on this game ever since I preordered it, so I thought I might as well make a post.

Name: Stroppy McHorseguy (of course it’s an alias!)

Occupation: Medical Doctor

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Interests: Drawing, writing, music, martial arts, le parkour, and of course motorsports

Vehicles Currently Owned: Honda Civic Vti-S MY13

Dream Garage Vehicles: Right now? I haven’t the foggiest.

Previous Vehicles of Interest: Mazda Mx-5 B, Madza RX7 FD3S, Lotus Elise, Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ… basically, sporty compact budget models that punch above their weight. On the other end of the scale, I also pay lots of attention to functional and generally extinct prototypes e.g. Mazda Furai (may it Rest In Peace), Jaguar C-X75. I take guilty pleasure in salivating over scary outputs and the pursuit of the power/weight parity (e.g. Hennessy Venom, the upcoming Koenigsegg), and cars that might sooner bite your head off than go around a corner at speed.

How did you find us? I was searching Google for a game where one could build their own cars, including engine, from scratch. As you’d well know, there aren’t many!


Most of my life and occupation seems to be a world apart from my lifelong tendencies as a closet petrolhead. Furthermore, I drive a (mostly) sensible hatchback (with a lazy sequential shifter), mostly sensibly at that (because petrol is expensive in Australia, damnit!). I don’t tune or build my own engines. But my fascination with how things work is an all encompassing thing, and since young, I found the endless pursuit of racing perfection in simulation games to be highly therapeutic.

But I was compelled to look for something that actually paid due attention to the engineering challenges of engine building when, while playing NFS: Shift 2, I ‘tuned’ a BMW M3 E30 to put out 1432hp to its 1040kg. There, the process of swapping out components and slapping on a turbo was as easy as pressing a button, but the moment I stopped to think about it, a rather discomfiting sensation of my sudden inability to continue suspending disbelief set in (is it even possible to fit a V10 S85 from the M6 into the E30, let alone a whacking big turbo???). It was temporarily staved off by the sheer pants-wetting exhilaration (or as much as can be achieved in a computer game) of careening around the Green Hell in 6 and a half minutes, and flying down Conrod Straight at over 360km/h. But I needed something more substantial.

My interest in the nitty-gritty has clearly prevailed, and combined with my artistic proclivities, like everybody else here I imagine, Automation’s premise fulfills that craving. It does indeed have unprecedented depth in that all aspects of design has consequence, and I’m really looking forward to seeing where it all goes from here. Admittedly, since the Tycoon part isn’t out yet, I’m just tinkering around to see how fast I can get that race car around the track, and just how much power I can cram under the hood, but then hey, there’s always a place for flights of fancy right? :stuck_out_tongue:


Name: Kyle “Eire” LaRont

Occupation: Student

Location: Livermore, CA

Interests: History, Pyros, Women, Cars

Vehicles Currently Owned: '96 Ford Ranger

Dream Garage Vehicles: WRX STi Hatchback, 458 Italia, MP4-12C, Aventador, Camaro Z/28

Previous Vehicles of Interest: '97 Volvo V70, '99 Subaru Outback

How did you find us? Searched for a Car Building game. Good thing Google led me to this haven. :smiley:

About: 18 y.o. Fire Science Student who loves to learn about History and Cars. Not much else to me really.
That saddens me a little… Oh well let’s go build!


Name: Vladimir K.

Occupation: Engineer and part-time teaching

Location: Kaliningrad, Russia

Interests: Cars, Games, Experiments and Football

Vehicles Currently Owned: 2008 Honda Accord 2.4 i-VTEC, 1986 Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86

Dream Garage Vehicles: I have a 86… what i need more?

How did you find us? I looked for car game and managers and found this. But only recently i bought it

About: If you are on live chat you know me good that i can be very entertaining :smiley:. also excuse me english i am still learning that language. Its very hard for me also my internet is very restricted here


Name: Santiago Mancebo

Occupation: Chemistry student/unemployed

Location: Monevideo: Uruguay

Interests: Cars, Games, Science, writing

Vehicles Currently Owned: None

Dream Garage Vehicles: too many.

How did you find us? I looked for car game and managers and found this. But only recently i bought it

About: If you are on live chat you know me good that i can be very entertaining :smiley:. also excuse me english i am still learning that language. Its very hard for me also my internet is very restricted here


Name: Jimmy ‘kingjanic’ selby

Occupation: Student/gamer/small youtuber

Location: Random places in Washington, usually walla walla

Interests: anything made of metal

Vehicles Currently Owned: None, probably going to get Chevy LUV in a month or so.

Dream Garage Vehicles: Morgan Aero Coupe, Koenigsegg Agera R, Corvette C7 Stingray ZO6

Previous Vehicles of Interest:

How did you find us? YouTube (failrace originally)


Name: Mohamed “Vito” Alreza

Occupation: Student in High School

Location: Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia

Interests: WWII, Cars, Motorbikes, Guns, Military, Computers, Gaming

Vehicles Currently Owned: Yamaha Jupiter-Z 110 (as they called it in Indonesia, Single Cylinder 4-Stroke Motorbike), Yamaha FZ150i aka VIXION, Mitsubishi L300 1600cc

Dream Garage Vehicles: Yamaha YZF-R6, Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ

Previous Vehicles of Interest: Chopper Bikes, Vespa Scooters

How did you find us? Random Searching “CAR TYCOON”, and found it

Project : Buying a Honda CB bike, overhaul it’s engine and mod it Chopper Style


Born in a Simple Family, the things i really don’t like is when my back-head hits the floor when i’m playing with my older Cousin :laughing: . I proclaimed myself as a petrolhead when i played Gran Turismo on Playstation, back then i love turbocharged cars because they sounded FANTASTIC, but i much prefer a Muscle Car after playing Need For Speed since 2013.

My hobby besides Automotive is Computer, those hobby might be nice if i combine them, you know?


Name : Dumitru ‘animalu’ Nicolae

Ocupation : Truck driver

Location : Normaly in Romania but alot of time i spend driving all over Europe

Intersts: Huge steel beasts ,pc gaming ,movies ,my wife

Vehicles Currently Owned: ford mondeo sw '98 1,8 tdi

Dream Garage Vehicles: A T - 72 main battle tank , Dodge charger '69-'75

How did you find us? Google ,i searched for a car tycoon ish like pc game


Name: Martin.

Occupation: Pharmacy assistant.

Location: Argentina.

Interests: Cars, Bikes, Gaming, Music.

Vehicles Currently Owned: Fiat Palio 1.3 mpi.

Dream Garage Vehicles: Ferrari F40, McLaren F1, Jaguar XJ220, 1984 Porsche 930.

How did you find us? Google.

I’m 19 years old, but I’m going to be 20 next month. My father is a gearhead, with a passion for classic cars (specially the Citröen 2/3CV), so since I was a small kid I’ve always had a thing for cars. I used to play NFS II SE when I was 3 years old and I continued on playing the Need for Speed games for the course of my entire life, so that’s a big reason of why I have such passion for cars.
I love driving, it’s one of the few things that I always enjoy doing and always brings me down a notch when I’m a bit hot-headed.
My dream is to own a RWD car and pull mad skidz with it, since the automobile market in my country is a big pile of crap where every vehicle is FWD. And I guess that’s all I feel like writing right now.


Name: Leonardo Baltazar

Occupation: Student, Mechanical Engineering

Location: Curitiba, Brazil

Interests: Cars, science in general (but I particularly love physics)

Vehicles Currently Owned: At the moment, none. But as soon as get my drivers licence, I’ll get my mom’s Renault Clio

Dream Garage Vehicles: Gallardo Balboni, Ferrari 458, Fiesta ST, CTS-V Wagon or C63 6.2 Wagon and an E46 M3

How did you find us? It was so long ago, I can’t remember. I think I was goggling about Detroit, or something related to that,


Born in São Paulo, lived in Curitiba for almost all my life. Started university last year, went to France for 6 months, it didn’t work out, so I came back to Brazil.
I really like cars and machines in general, their complicated and intrinsic mechanisms fascinate me.


Name: Nikola Ristic

Occupation: Web developer

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Interests: IT, Cars, Football (Soccer), Cooking

Vehicles Currently Owned: Trabant 601

Dream Garage Vehicles: Mercedes S, BMW M6, Ferrari 458

How did you find us? I was goggling about Detroit and similar games


Currently living in Belgrade, but planning maybe to move in some northern country. Like my job, web developing, enjoying watching soccer or cooking, but really passionate about cars and everything about them. I will have a house and big garage one day!


Name: “Hayato”

Occupation: Student (College)

Location: Seattle metropolitan area

Interests: Social, Cars, Bikes, Games, Anything from Japan.

Vehicles Currently Owned: 2006 Honda 919 Hornet

Dream Garage Vehicles: 1981 DeLorean DMC-12, 1989 Nissan Skyline GT-R, 2014 Yamaha FJR1300ES, 2013 Kawasaki Concours 1400GTR

Ehh… I don’t really have much to say (hence why I hate making introductory posts) but… I guess I became a petrolhead at a very early age. It wasn’t just cars, but bikes and other oddjob vehicles, too. Nice to meet ya’!


I just realized I haven’e even properly introduced myself on the forums yet. So, after 421 posts, here goes… (It might be one of those “Too long, didn’t read” posts, but trust me. It’s interesting :stuck_out_tongue:)

Name: Aaron Cottam

Occupation: Student

Location: Isle of Man, United Kingdom

Interests: Cars, music, football (Soccer), playing the drums, video production, writing, and socializing with people with similar interests!

Vehicles Currently Owned: None!

Dream Garage Vehicles: Nissan 200sx S14 Kouki, Nissan Silvia S13, Ferrari FF, Lamborghini Siesto Elemento, Evo IV, Toyota Supra, anything JDM and too many others to list!

Previous Vehicles of Interest: Dodge Viper

How did you find us? I feel bad for this, but I’m not entirely sure :frowning: I think it was through a Google search, though. I’ve always wanted a game where you could design your own cars from scratch, even during the days of Gran Turismo 1, and ToCA World Touring Cars (Which is retro in my case considering I was about 6 years old at the time :stuck_out_tongue:) So, although I may not be sure how I found this, it’s just the fact that I found it.

About: I am currently in high school studying my GCSE’s. I recently went on work experience with Greenlight Television, a company that films and produces various motorsport events around the world such as the British Touring Car Championship, World Enduro Chapionship, and the British Drift Championship (among others). It was probably the best week of my life!

I have been a huge petrolhead for as long as I can remember. One of my earliest memories was sitting in primary school, about 5 years old, and using a pen as a car and making it do donuts around the table, assisted by my attempt at making revving noises. Much to the dismay of the rest of the class, all be it I was 5 years old :wink:.

I also knew the HP of a ton of my (toy) cars when I was very young.

I spend my spare time doing all the things listed in the ‘Interests’ section.

I am extremely active on the Automation forums so you may already know me. I like to try and help people on the forums; if anyone happens to have an unsolved problem, I would happily provide help where I can! The feeling of knowing that you have helped solve someone’s problem is enough to compensate for the fear of being wrong (I’m not as knowledgeable as a mod or dev, so don’t take my word over theirs :wink:) I I have also recently became a beta tester for Automation, which is really fun and somewhat of an honor.

I also have a small YouTube channel and Twitch account, where I frequently stream and upload Automation content. I like to play multiplayer a lot, though most of the time, I’m just sitting in an empty lobby. It’s amazing how much footage I record of me just waiting for people to join my game :wink:. But I am always free for a game whenever I’m online, just PM me or something.

So, I’m droning on a bit here, but that’s a small ‘Autobiography’, if you will, of me. Feel free to hit me up on one of my threads and say hello, or PM me!


Since I’m on the same “some posts yet no introduction” boat, here goes:

Name: Bruno “Saico” Marques

Occupation: Software developer

Location: Porto Alegre, southern Brazil

Interests: Music (mostly bass playing), programming, games

Vehicles Currently Owned: None! (got to have a driving license first…)

Dream Garage Vehicles: Nissan GT-R, Mazda RX-7, Lotus Exige, Mercedes SLR McLaren and some others I forgot

How did you find us? F1Rejects forum (back in the pre-turbo days, there was a topic about car games and someone linked to this)

24yo computer scientist, fan of the tycoon and racing genres. Finding a proper combination of both is not only awesome but made me learn quite some things about cars in the process (especially engines!).


Name: Alan “LancerFQ” Urquhart

Occupation: Assistant Manager at Retail outlet

Location: Scotland, UK

Interests: Games, Cars (VW’s), Anything with an engine, My nitro RC Trucks

Vehicles Currently Owned:

Dream Garage Vehicles: McLaren P1, Bowler Nemesis, Audi RS4 2002 model

Previous Vehicles of Interest: VW Golf GTI mk3, Vauxhall Corsa (hangs head in shame)

How did you find us? Well, we are us, but how did u find us? Google


Name: David

Occupation: Web programmer

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Interests: Camper cars and motorbikes.

Vehicles Currently Owned: BMW F650GS Twin and VW T3 1.6 TD

Dream Garage Vehicles: BMW F800GS, VW Beetle, VW Golf MK1

Previous Vehicles of Interest: Many motorbikes and a lot of other cars xD

How did you find us? Random Searching “CAR BUILDING GAMES”, and found it

Project : Starting one project per week / Finishing none of them xDDDD

About: I am a great passionate of cars and bikes. My girlfriend bougth a VW T3 last year and we really enjoy travelling on a camper :slight_smile: