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Japfest 2019 Excitement Thread


So crunch time is over, and the season of relaxation and posting in my home away from home is back. Goodness, it feels satisfying to return.

So anyway, the Japfest event in Silverstone is really looming around the corner and I’m quaking with excitement as a car nerd. So that’s why I thought making a thread can help sort of get some hype on board for the two events that get my car knowledge tested.

So for now, the thread will revolve around what we loved the most about Japfest 2018, and the highlights that we have for the events that we went to.

Firstly for me it’s seeing two generations of my favourite wheels, the Advan Super Racings. And also seeing some vehicles that slowly gained legendary status, such as the Nismo 400R and the Severn Valley Motorsports Qashqai. I really hope I can get to see that Nismo 400R again this year, and hopefully a lot more cooler cars.