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You don’t have a limit price or engine cylinders, that would be very restrictive. I prefer to see the most different ideias people can make, but remember the realism score.


if the arrows still not working you can see te rules here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LULuQ85fBlAOSP7qYXNH83XIhr2irMCiTTqsjBMOnvA/edit


From Enderjed’s Junkyard I present to you… The Endgola JDM

Endgol.a - JDM.car (22 KB)


Certainly an interesting design, Enderjed. Don’t mean to sound like a dick but I think you left out the door mirrors?
In any case we’ll have to see how she compares to the latest from Saxon Autosport: the Aphrodite TurboStreet S6


The reason the door mirrors are not there is transport issues as our delivery tech at Enderjed’s junkyard is certainly unusually efficient but some things may get damaged from the air traffic as our delivery plane is large to fit the [RETRACTED] technology that is in it


DMC Gamma

DMC - Draconis Motor Company


Jidosha K. SF 6V-i

the longer I look at this thing the more it REEKS of Supra and NSX… it’s just generic JDM ques and I love it.



It’s Subaru backwards. Because it’s pretty much a Subaru with the front end in the ass end. As in, the turbo boxer 4 is stuffed in the trunk.

It doesn’t really look like a Subaru anyway

I don’t want to get sued, men.

So did you go full strop?

Sorta. I didn’t want to go too large but I certainly tuned what I had to the optimum for driving at incredible hihg speed. That is to say the engine’s significantly bigger than in your regular vape-magnet fart-cannon lesbian-loving* brapper (about 3L) and I just squeezed the ET and PU and reliability limits out of it so it puts out in the realm of 400hp. I did all my usual Beam tricks so it’ll drive even faster than expected around the track.

That’s also why I called it a “GT stage 2”: because it still has a CD player in it but because the road-going WRX STi would have put out nowhere near that much stock in 2000.

What kind of track times did you do in this thing?

Before anybody wonders if I’m revealing too much, I’m not one to beat about the bush for a single round challenge. And I’m not going to make any secret of the fact I’m entering this partly for “calibration” purposes.

ATT: 2:06 (standing start), 2:03 (flying)
Trial Mountain: 1:45 (flying)

p.s. this tune is sponsored by Yo Tires

*probably worth mentioning that the Subaru lesbian ad campaign is a real thing and actually quite amazing


Ironic that you tuned it for track but it’s name is Ur a Bus.


Akarui Retoro - S34

You didn’t think you wanted JDM?

Now you do.

More power, more wang, more drifto

This car has more wing than a fully grown albatross, designed to stop you doing this.

Early design build

But is it chonky?

Oh boy, yes it is.

Weighing in at over 1750kg, this is certainly a chonker.

But does it succ?

Can’t you see, it has more holes than a colander, of course to can succ!


May I please plea to have this increased to 50? I’m trying to use a 60 degree V6 and am only able to reach this with 2 valve SOHC, not even 4 valve (And this is with an entirely cast block/heads AND single MEFI performance intake). It just seems really oddly low considering the IRL examples you posted (Especially the NSX, it had a DOHC V6 with 24 valves).


What else are you doing? I have an eco tuned VVTL turbo engine with MPFI in a boxer config and it’s fine.

But that being said at this period of time using an AlSi block and head carries a huge ET penalty. It’s probably that.


I would be fine if this limit was set with an economy sports car in mind, but considering cars like the Supra and NSX had 6 cylinders, I find it very odd that the limit is so low that it makes 6 cylinders not very viable.


60 reliability for the engine seems like too much - I think you referred to the trim requiring a minimum reliability value of 60, which makes more sense (and even then it’s still too much - I’d suggest setting the minimum trim and engine reliability values to 50 each). However, although 4x4 is not allowed, AWD is.


I recive good cars made in this rules I can’t change any rule now. You don’t need to make a replica or a identical engine of this cars, do the best engine that you can in those rules.


The engine reliability rule is my first try to prevent people to push the turbo boost to the maximum making an unreal power.


I’m not asking for a replica, I’m asking to make a viable 6 cylinder engine for a car when you have mentioned more than viable 6 cylinder engines in cars. When you mention specific cars in your challenge, people expect that they can enter something similar.


I made a 6 cylinder car within the rules, its possible you just have to choose where you need to compromise


Is there a price limit, or not?


Mikaza T TurboSport

A Truck?


But why?


But is it sporty?

I mean it has “280hp”, AWD and a TwinTurbo V6

Can it carry?

Oh it has enough room in the back for all the Drift Tyres you need

Sorry, but i aint convinced until there is a Isle of Skye picture

There you go