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that’s a bit premature without any kind of announcement from the OP, isn’t it?


Okay, i may be went overboard with that comment and sorry about that but is the challenge still on? Haven’t seen the host around here for a while.


Hey guys, first impression video went out, english notes in the discription (Sorry about the delay :/).


Thanks for continuing (even in the face of some controversy). I imagine there’ll be certain ongoing disagreements over various specifics you’ve said but I won’t speak for anyone else.

Re: the “Urabus”

JDM rally icon but a bit ricer, I think the rear spoiler is too big and the windshield decal is a bit too much

Yeah I couldn’t tell from the outset whether this was supposed to be a factory or modified challenge so I went a bit with the latter. I see there are a number of cars in there that have 600hp, you can’t say that any of them could really be JDM stock now could you :joy: Also in general most of the JDM sports cars then did not have displacements much larger than 3L at all and if they went over it would be because they were tourers or family cars (e.g. Toyota Crown) which is something you’ve noted in the cough Viper GTS cough Mamushi Sp1m

As for the size of the wing, yes, it’s gigantic, but it also serves a very important purpose as size really matters in Beam :wink: I’m betting that few others if anybody else has really worked on tuning the high speed aerodynamics so expect to be able to take the faster corners faster than the rest. Hope that makes up for where I lose out in power!

p.s. also is it just me or did the car’s fender flares not export properly again. What tyre widths are you getting on the rear? If it’s become too narrow the handling may be very wonky!


everybody keeps saying that my headlights are small… but look at the alfa romeo, and lot of people say those cars are beautiful


I don’t know Portugese, I just wanted to see one of my designs driven on Beam… Except, my car is not in either one of these videos.


Alfa has small headlights but they’re long, which is why they look good


What is your car?


The problem is the size of the headlights for the size of the car. In the alfa body small headlights get well in the small front. What is your car?


Thanks for not abandoning the challenge. You are completely right, I had a Civic Coupé in mind when I designed the Motegi. Light high-revving engine with not really a lot power, compact body with good rear seating space, low price, easy handling. The only thing I changed is the use of RWD because FWD is meeh.


I didn’t say what type of car people needed to make, a tuned car or stock factory car, so your car isn’t bad, to be real I liked a lot the visual. The exporter bug change the visual of the car but don’t reduce the tyre widths (the yellow car who use the same body as you suffered with the same bug), for me it has 225 front and 265 rear and people who make car with big engines lose realism score.


I won’t abandon the challenge and I never thought to do that, but I will delay the videos because of the college. The rules of the challenge was thought for make more sporty cars but you have some competitors with the same idea, let’s see who is the best ^^.


nexus sr


Nagoya NO-XS


We have wipers? Well damn newAutomation, never seen them before.


Hey guys, first stage video of our challenge went out on my channel, english notes and lap times in the description.


second to the Libellula huh? :triumph: What even was that car? I unfortunately do not have time to go through the entire video so have to pick bits, but since there was a very wide range of approaches taken, could I have a rundown of the car’s specs?


https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MxNXWq8cZMR70-N9XIieFrpWPzLdZ7pbCWfI8qBhrjc/edit?usp=sharing , This is what I have. I forgot to take more information, like weight, but it’s what I need to give the score for the entries.


Thanks. Looks like about 50hp less but must have been either a lot lighter or easier to drive… or you took it easy on mine :smiling_imp:


These are the specs of my Medist, don’t hesitate to ask if you want to know something more :grin: