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Kento Works Body Kits (est. 2019)


Kento Works Body Kits (est. 2019)

The Kento Works Tanaka 450X S, the company’s current mascot

Kento Works Body Kits was established in 20 January 2019 by Kento Yokohama in California. He saw his passion of building cars as a bussiness. His first project was his Kento’s personal 4th gen 2011 Tanaka 450X S. He developed and tested his body kits for months until he finish it on May 2, 2019. The 450X was put on bags and a new muffler was made to go upwards to fit in the style.

"More pictures of the Kento's personal car a.k.a the company's mascot...

Kento Works wants cars!

Yep, that’s right. We need cars. You can send us your car via PM (to me). You can give us any cars you like. We’d love some variety. Muscle cars, luxury sedans, sports cars, minivans, you name it. Give it to us. However, we will not accept SUVs and trucks (you can give us a ute instead). Cars can be from any era. We can handle it. After you send your cars, you will be put on a waiting list. Please don’t send in meme cars…

Waiting list

Waiting list

Rules: Once it is filled, you cannot have a spot again until all the waiting list is empty again. One person can only send a maximum of 2 cars at a time (you can send again until both of your cars are done).

  1. Rossuko Requiem Z Sport (@MelikTheHedgehog )
  2. Bradford Silux (@yurimacs )

10 .HnP Stallion (@falukorven )

The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 31]

This reminds me somewhat of Liberty Walk, a real-life company best known for its immense screwed-on fender flares - as seen in the screenshot of the modified Tanaka 450X S. I’ve waited some time for you to make a tuning company like this one, and I bet it will be worth the wait once you’ve released a modified version of someone else’s car!


If you’d like an Aria HR to give a body kit I’d love to send one in at my earliest continence!


If you’re fine, I’ll send my cars soon.


Sure! The more cars the merrier! Just send me a PM.


Here’s KGB’s 1993 Flare from Touring Car fame in the top spec Solar Trim.

Go nuts, my dude!


1989 Ursula F5 350RS Turbo Silhouetto Kit

Thanks @BannedByAndroid for giving me the car!


Let’s see what I am working with here. This is a 1989 Ursula F5 350RS Turbo. Oh, the TV screen switched into a picture of an Ursula F5 700RS-R I think, how ironic… Like father like son. Anyways, I don’t see too many of these Ursula’s especially in the US. This is a fine example. This silver colour is quite good. As for the car itself, ermmm… It looks average. The 1980s have these rims already?! Are these from factory? Looks too modern for the era to me. Let’s see, that says Ursula… Alright, 255HP. Very good for the 80s. A 2.5 litre turbocharged Inline 5, very good. Overall, an okay car except for those not period correct rims and the high ride height. The lack of a rear wing, not even a lip spoiler, disturbs me. Let’s try this out anyways…

Silhouetto Kit

Love it or hate it, it is definitely wild. This is our style. I took some inspiration from the bosozoku cars back in Japan, I miss living there… The hood of the F5 was extended beyond the front fascia to give it that bosozoku look. With these period correct mesh rims, it certainly looks like a touring car maybe? IDK… A massive carbon-fibre rear diffuser is placed at the rear bumper. Massive whale-tail wing to keep it looking wild. I have put insanely wide fender flares and a massive lip kit. The car is on bags by the way. Judging by the ride height, I don’t think you need bags anyways. But the owner is scared that the tires would scratch the arches. I respect that. The bumper is slighly changed as well with our signature 3 LED whisker lights. Overall, I think that I did pretty good at improving the looks of this car. I think I will buy one of these and put this kit on one day as my personal car. Time to work on another car…

The Silhouetto kit will cost you $10000 with the optional rally lights as seen with the car costing you $500, colour matching the plastic bumper bars costing $1000 and the optional upwards muffler costing $2500. The price is without shipping and taxes.


1990 Meijer Tokyo 90 S1200 T16v Hako Kit

Thanks @TheAlmightyTwingo for giving me the car!


Damn, someone brought this over from Japan? It even still has the Japanese license plate. I never seen these in the US. I don’t think that this is even sold in here. Anyways, this is a 1990 Meijer Tokyo 90 S1200 T16v. I heard that this car have problems with rubbing on the rear fenders. Let me see, oh. It has created a hole. Well, the bodywork really needs some work. Let’s see the engine, a 1.2 litre turbo Inline 4 producing only 115HP. But when you consider that the weight of the car is slightly under 900kg, it is quite fast. They spent all the money on the engine and none in the other things. No LSD, drum rear brakes, no power steering, no traction aids (please don’t be a deathtrap…), standard 80s safety on a car this small… No vents or grille on the bumper? Weird… Ignoring all of that, this car is a blank canvass. It is quite cute too! Let’s start working on it.

Hako Kit:

Yeet! Here I come. I added big boxy fender flares, a chassis mounted wing, massive lip kit, a new t h i c c e r rear bumper, and a new wider and full of grille and vents bumper. The customer wanted to use these rims, so I put them on. It is on coilovers. The exhaust in the middle of the bumper goes upwards like usual. On the blank space on the bumper, I put the 3 LED lights. This is special. It is weird, quirky and fun. I like it. Let’s move on to another car soon.

Anyways, the Hako Kit will cost you $5000. Optional chassis mounted wing cost $3500, the optional LED lights cost $1000 and the optional upwards muffler costs $2000. All of the cost is without shipping and taxes.

Speaking of working on another car, please send me (by PM me) more cars to work on. Can be from any decade. But now I want cars from the mid-1990s until currently. I want modern cars too!


That looks really good, especially love the wing.


Keika Tekko “Flextape Edition” Street Boss Kit


This is a 1989 Keika Tekko “Flextape Edition”. This is engineered together with Anhultz. Even with an Anhultz engine. I’ve seen some normal Tekko’s, but not the flextape edition. I quite like it. The rims are weird. Other than that, I like it. It is definitely very boxy. With careful treatment, it can look super agressive. This is a very interesting situation here. We normally do wide-body kit but I also don’t want to remove the vinyls just to make space for the body kit. I guess this is just a normal kit.

Street Boss Kit:

I think it looks sooooo agressive. These wheels combined with the new front bumper, new rear bumper, a new wing and new side skirts, it looks so good. The stripes with the body kit matches together very well. Of course, there are exhausts going upwards like we usually do, but this one are twins. Might want to bring this to SEMA to show it off. Time to work on another car…

The Street Boss Kit costs $4500. The optional twin upwards muffler costs $3000. Optional louvers (not present in this car) costs $2500. All of the costs is without shipping and taxes…


Message from Keika as a company:

Kento Works Body Kits hereby has full permission to bring the modified Keika Tekko FlexTape Edition to SEMA.

Message from me as a player:

I wanna order one. With louvres, but not those upward exhausts.


KGB Flare Solar Blackout One-off Conversion Kit


Ah sh*t, here we go again… Earlier today, a customer brought to us this car. What the hell is this?! Apparently it’s called the KGB Flare Solar. It looks questionable. KGB, I don’t think that name is appropriate… The customer likes this car except for its appearance. A massive rear vent for nothing? IDK, a rear-mounted intercooler or a rear-mounted radiator? Engine is definitely in the front. Speaking of engines, apparently it has a 3 litre twin-turbo boxer 6 producing 550HP? Jeez. 550HP for something that looks like a mere economy car? It has AWD too, a plus from me. But the car is so compact, are you sure you can handle that 550HP? Anyways, I think the car’s appearance needs a full overhaul.

Blackout One-off Coversion Kit:

Boom! And just like that, the car already looks a million times better. Now it has the looks to back that horsepower numbers. This is a one-off kit, so this customer is the only one who has this kit. Let me explain everything I’ve done. New headlights (now LED), grilles, hood, bumper, fenders (also wider), taillights, the upwards exhaust, new rims, louvers, carbon fibre factory wing, new mirrors, a new lip under the wing and a new diffuser. Time to work on another car.

This kit is estimated to cost around $15000.

One more car to go! Please send me more cars! I want modern cars (2005-present), but other era of cars are accepted too! Pretty please?


Cool kit, my man.

Another car inbound.