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Killrob’s LCV3 Fruinian Supercars - Merano


Not exactly, but they need to be the same in all the cars you make


so it is like a pseudonym or something?


Yeah more or less, mine is Dolly, a abreviation of my forum name


OK thanks


You could clone it at the end too, just easier to forget to do it then :slight_smile: and more confusing, as you need to send me the clone, not the modified original trim.


Do the very early cars need front and rear plates or is one rear enough?


I personally kinda liked more the idea of designing the badge myself


The Verdini is more fun to make, but I wish it was front engined, then the scoop wouldn’t be a decoration. :frowning:
Also, I guess when the last cars are coming up, it would be a good idea to take some reoccurring elements and use them on older cars, such as the little wishbone thing on the grille could be used on the titus also.


Just a small little UFO on its way to glory


Looks like there’s gonna be some pretty tough competition… I think Killrob has his work cut out for him!

Only time will tell if I’m up to par. Sneak peeks only for now :wink:


New Episode got me like:

In serious, That nose was one hell to design around.


Couldn’t agree more


I really do enjoy this series and competition


Are we still posting pictures? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m very bad at designing, but I gave it my best shot :slight_smile:


Killrob, your choice of body is bad. But no matter! I will try to do my best anyway. You really ruined the morphs on this latest one xD so here it is.


Hey, I’m responsible for good technical design only :stuck_out_tongue: you guys work it out xD everyone gets equally screwed! Cheers!


ok, now that is beautiful, getting real alfa montreal vibes from it. Nice job


Stunning. that wraparound chrome strip matches the car very very well.


You better make it until 2020 Killrob



My take on the Dalius CGT. Took me a while to get something satisfactory. Not finished yet, and I still think it needs more chrome :thinking: