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Killrob’s LCV3 Fruinian Supercars - Merano


Vrum Vrum bois


Hey Killrob! Should we base our design on the car’s debut date or it’s design date? Cheers!


Probably better to do the styling according to the Design Year + 5, that is a good rule of thumb for sure. :slight_smile:


This one took some time, may have to redo it a bit in the future.


“Some time” being mere hours after the video release. Meanwhile, as of last night I’ve only finished the Dalius’ front.


some interesting testarossa X bmw M1 vibes going on with this design, awesome stuff as always


At this rate we gonna end up with 15 cars or so, big oof


Big oof indeed :stuck_out_tongue: good thing is that it usually won’t be more than 2 per week.


Thanks Killrob for getting me back into Automation.
For some of you that don’t know I designed the automation Logo together with Killrob almost 4 years ago.

This is a first for me. trying to design a true family of cars. Last time i tried this was for the key engine.
So here’s my latest creations for the challenge:






Good to see you back! :slight_smile: Enjoy


Thanks, love all the changes to the game.
And now to get back into modding and badge making like the good old days:)


Should we go for ugly 5mph bumpers for gasmean market in the future?
And my Dalius for attention, still before badging…


A little teaser


And now on to the Avantis


not a porshhh


nah we all know this is a ferrari


Very nice, bit it looks so sad


Uh hey Killrob, it would seem like the Avantis’ rear wheels and/or wheel arches were altered by the most recent open beta patch. Am I permitted to fix it by readjusting the car myself, or would it be better for you to reupload the car?


Me reuploading it would mean that everyone has to restart their design :stuck_out_tongue: so definitely now. We’ll just go with it and blame the engineers!

Edit: I should be able to get a new episode recorded today.


OK i may e late to the party But I would Love to Join this XD