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Killrob’s LCV3 Fruinian Supercars - Merano


This looks like it could have a v8, other than that it looks much too ‘‘normal’’ than it should be, i guess.



Finally Merano is selling a UTE!


Anyone tried the Ultegra in the new patch? The morphs seem to have been reset, and reimporting doesn’t seem to change it either. Can anyone else confirm this, or am I just missing something?


Continuing my habit of reminiscing about old Sega arcade racers, your interpretation of the Fercetta would not be out of place in Scud Race (especially considering that the large CCX body, which it uses, is unlocked in 1994), and your proposal for the Vivace definitely feels right at home in Metropolis Street Racer.

And now I understand exactly why your design for the Vega reminds me of OutRunners: it closely resembles the Speed Buster from that game, even though it’s a hardtop coupe (whereas the Speed Buster was a convertible) and finished in a darker shade of red.



The Let’s Play series is now done and you guys have a total of ten cars to design for the competition. I’ve added a handy download link to the zip with all the .car files to the OP for convenience.

I have prepared a spreadsheet for the competition and will release a video announcing the start of the submission phase within the next 24h (i.e. the submission phase will start once the video is out).

Are there any specific aspects you would like me to elaborate on? If so, please post them here asap and I’ll include them in the video and update the OP.



The submission phase has now started!


This was such a pain to do, anyway, I should go over all the previous cars and send em in i guess :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s such a shame, but I think life is gonna seriously get in the way of me completing all the cars in time :frowning_face: what happens if only some of the cars are submitted?


Every proposal for the Allegro looks like it lives up to its name (allegro being the musical term for fast), but yours stands out for its sheer elegance. It’s an understated contrast to one from Necronn, which is more extroverted and aggressive by comparison.

Edit: Having seen your original proposal, I am convinced that it looks good in isolation, but it turned out much better after you revised it.


Well I did revise it and made it less aggressive, atleast compared to the original design.


Made a few cars. I don’t know if I’ll be submitting any more than these, though.





Added Merano badges to all cars and redid some too.


Welp, it seems like I’m not submitting the full 10 cars. Only had up to the Avantis, but I managed to squeeze out an Allegro in the final 2 days.

Again only sneak peeks for these bois :wink:


1h 30min left to submit your entries :smiley: so far there are 17 people who have submitted their cars.
Looking forward to getting started with judging… and racing. Cheers!


Submissions are now closed, we have 18 contestants who for the most part have submitted 8-10 cars! This should be a good strong competition :slight_smile: I’m now investigating the few issue cars that don’t properly import and see if it has to do with a version issue, or if some people actually used mods (other than the Merano badge). :wink:

I have now gone through all entries, these are the contestants and the game version I have identified they were using:

Contestant Version Cars Submitted Comments
accent openbeta 10 All Good
Bf94387 public 9 Penalty (Naming)
Dragonitebyte public 10 All Good
Endfinity openbeta 10 All Good
Ezdmn openbeta 6 All Good
GF06 public 7 All Good
Leslawangelo public 10 All Good
MGR99 public 10 All Good
Mikonp7 public 10 All Good
Mr. Petkov openbeta 8 All Good
Necronassassin openbeta 10 All Good
question mark public 10 All Good
Roadkill openbeta 10 All Good
saddiseased public 10 Penalty (Naming)
sky high openbeta 10 Mods: 1 Car
TheAlmightyTwingo public 10 All Good
titleguy1 openbeta 3 All Good
VisitUkraine public 1 All Good
Wachu public 9 All Good

As you see there are two cases with comments. Penalty (Naming) will be a 1 (Bf94387, one car) / 2 point (saddiseased, all cars) deduction from the total score for not following the naming conventions outlined in the rules. The individual car scores will not be affected. Sky High submitted one car (Artemis) that when importing had an error about mod fixtures. There is no penalty for this, but the car will be imported without the mod fixture and judged without taking any potentially missing fixtures into account.

Edit: It looks like that some (at least two) of you may not have cloned the car properly as clearly described in the rules. As such some cars are missing and won’t be judged because they overwrote each other… just what I warned you about. :stuck_out_tongue: The number of cars listed above are the number of car files I import into the game. If your car then is missing during judging, you know what happened.

So overall: REALLY GOOD! Looks like you have followed the rules well and made this pretty easy for me. Judging will be done in two parts on the invsible backend: public version first, then openbeta. I will glue those parts together into single episodes, one per car.

Due to the difficulties of version switching and such, I will have to record everything at once and then edit down the episodes. It will probably take the weekend to get through all the judging and its recording - after that I’ll have to do all the driving too. So please be patient for the first episode to appear. I’ll keep you updated.



Whoops! I’m very ashamed of forgetting the naming. Sorry for the inconvenience.


I have now updated the OP with an overview table of how far I have come with making the design competition content. That is how we can keep track of where things are.

Here is a the current status… really taking my time on every car so far, I think I have to speed things up a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

Current Competition Judging / Video Progress

Car Name Public Openbeta Winner BeamNG Edited Uploaded Released
Titus X X - - - - -
Verdini X X - - - - -
Dalius X X - - - - -
Artemis X X - - - - -
Avantis X X - - - - -
Ultegra X X - - - - -
Vega X X - - - - -
Freccetta X X - - - - -
Vivace X - - - - - -
Allegro X - - - - - -

Public is not fully judged yet, 3 more contestants seem to have used public where I thought they were on openbeta… the pink steel rims gave it way. :stuck_out_tongue:


Take your time:) quality takes time and we are patient:)