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Koenigsegg Agera RS speed records


Hot off the interwebs.

446.97 kph (277.87mph) top speed.
(Two way average.)

0 - 400kph - 0
33.29 seconds

(Yes this is even faster than their run a few weeks ago!)

Now the Hennessey is claiming their new Venom F5 will be even faster by both measures. Time will tell.


laughs in Gryphon Gear

But seriously, Veyron Supersport’s six year domination had finally ended.
And I don’t believe that the F5 will reach 480 km/h.


Only time will tell. It’s as simple as adding power, cutting drag, and reducing weight (I know it’s easier said than done, but they’re building it for the sole purpose of beating the record, so all else related to the car will be considered secondary).


It will, but only if someone comes up with a tire that can cope with such high speeds for long enough.


Alas, my dreams of entering Highway 35 are yet again postponed.


What you meant to say “comfortable luxury GT car has been beaten by barely street legal race cars with twice power to weight, and it only took them 6 years.”

Also where’s the SSC Tuatara (tuauta? UATA UATATA? TUA THONG?) in all of this? Wasn’t it supposed to be the final say in all of this? Before Koenigsegg and Hennessey woke up


We need to make this street legal


Basicly last official record was Veyron SS’s one at 434 km/h.