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Kyung-Yeong Industries (경용 산업)


Thanks! Kyung-Yeong Industries is as a whole a finished campaign playthrough, I had quite a lot of tech, so used modern bodies earlier than usual :sparkles:


I see some Isuzu Gemini in it…inspiration or just a coincidence?


I’d even go so far as to think that, at launch, it looked quite futuristic. In fact, a light facelift and some minor mechanical upgrades later in its lifespan would have been all that was needed to keep it competitive into the 90s, even though it came out in the early 80s.


Quite so, Kyung-Yeong are somewhat of a mix between Honda & Isuzu along with my own personality!


Hawk V10 SP '83

As a mark to the Seupang and the racing heritage for the company, the Hawk V10 SP (Supercar Prototype) was born, featuring a 4.2L twin turbo V10 boasting 419hp which let it go up to 206mph from a 0-62mph in 4.00s flat. It featured all the latest technology: Variable hydraulic steering, ABS, vented disks, fully clad undertray, Geared LSD and air suspension. The smooth aerodynamic styling was developed intensely to try gain an insight into better fuel efficiency as well as performance.


Kyung-Yeong Hawk V10 SP '83

Chassis: Galvanised Steel Monocoque with Aluminium panels (1,395kg)
Drivetrain: Mid Longitudinal AWD
Gearbox: 5 Gear Manual
Suspension: Double Wishbone ( F ) / Double Wishbone ( R ) Air Suspension and Twin-Tube Dampers with Passive Sway Bars
Engine: Aluminium 4.2L V10 40-Valve DOHC Ball Bearing Twin Turbo Multi Point Fuel Injection producing 418.7hp @ 6,800RPM & 393.5lb-ft 3,700RPM
Economy: 27mpg combined (23mpg City and 30.8mpg Motorway)
Performance: 0-62mph in 4s & 206mph top speed
Wheels: 17 inch Magnesium rims on radial semi slick compound tyres (P235/40/17 89(Y) & P245/40/17 90(Y))
Brakes: 325mm Vented disk 3 piston front & 325mm Vented disk 3 piston rear
Exterior layout & Interior: 2 door Coupe - Sport 2 Seater & Premium Cassette Entertainment
Price: N/A