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Late 90s mid engine goodness (wip)




:frowning: sad day, sad day indeed


news flash! if I contact someone with experience with car making for Automation (letting the word out there) I’ll release this bad boy. I have another interesting Morgan styled shell in the works


For the mid-engined car not working, it seems like a full reworking of the mesh needs to be done, following what’s in the developer tutorials. The shape looks good, but there are a lot of triangles which are best to avoid for making game meshes. Not sure if the full car is only there for show, but for the game, only half of the car needs to be made, the coding will mirror it.


I am using the shell also for other purposes


to prove it aint dead!


have your I6s and V12s ready!


A Talbot/ford popular mix?


It looks like a Lister Storm



a car based on a sketch I made when i was in high school




Dat not-Morgan body. Seems like perfect base for today’s V8 Hot Rod.


Now that I think about it… it might not fit to the Front engine chassis in automation. You have to take that into account. When I did my 90sGT1 body, the chassis keep traspasing the body and I had to make the bonet and the base of the windshield taller.


you might be right :confused: lets hope for the best


Looks great, hope it works out.



Woohoo!!! Nice work Manche… Glad to see you’ve persevered :star_struck: