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Legrand Autowork


I haven’t one, because there is probably none such car. But I misunderstood you, I thought that in this:

you were refering to your supercars from 70s. If it’s about “workhorse of a car” then I fully agree, that’s incredibly advanced tech for such application.


Soviet tanks used all-aluminium V12 Diesel engines with DOHC and 48 valves you know.


Its 1953 And Legrand Sees Opportunity To Build A Muscle Car and They Build Something BIG.
from Legrand Autowork I Present you The Legrand Grand Air Coupe!

Powered By 6 Litre D series V8 Making Sweet 365hp at 4800rpm.


Did Legrand fire all their designers as soon as they finished with the headlights?


no sadly couldnt find suitable taillights for car :disappointed:


Take a look at the tail lights I used for my company’s 50s sedan for inspiration. It’s the same automation body.

AEA Thread

edit: You could also use something like the front turn signal lights I used, just stretched vertically on the fin.

edit2: Petoskey Motors Might also be a company to get inspired by, they use the same fixture with slightly different stretching.


doorhandles, exhaust, chrome… its 1953


Rear End Update! YAY


Not to be offense, but if I had chance to buy Grand Air Coupe I wouldn’t even buy it. Also those tires look pretty narrow, so I don’t even want to know how ludicrous wheelspin is this car getting with that load of power on rear wheels.


Agree with Oskiinus , small thin wheels are not suitable for a high power car. It’s a one hellish day if you drive Grand Air Coupe with those wheels.

I’d recommend you make those wheel more thicker to make car more drivable and stable.


Same thing with thick wheels goes to 1952 Airborne Tornado (yeah, I know, 125mms on 300 hp isn’t also good), but for this case my car was supposed to be lazy cruising large cruiser with power load to go uphill, not the track car…


Sorry For The tires to why they look tiny BECAUSE GAME DOESNT beep ALLOW ME TO HAVE GODDAMN NORMAL WHEELS(sry i had a bad day)


Because it would exceed profile possible with 50s tech - try making rims smaller, and you’ll be able to make tyres wider.


Another UPDATE this time the tyres are BIGGER
Front Tyres:185/90R15
Rear Tyres:190/85R15

so its A LOT grippier now


Anyone Alive Here? if yes Then I Plan A Suprise For ya guys


btw im ill and i will try make 3-4 cars to fill the delay


Legrand Decides to build a family car and presents you Legrand Pigalle

Powered By 2 litre 4-Pot Making 90hp and 109nm of torque its pretty solid for a family car right?


Its 1957 and Legrand decides to make a nice sports car I PRESENT TO YOU The Legrand Felon

Powered By 4 Litre V8 K series V8 Engine Making 215hp at 6000rpm and 259nm of Torque at 5800rpm The Whole Engine Weighted Just 210kg.


I think you may have built an engine that was far ahead of the times in 1957


Not so much. First American cars were reaching 1 hp/ci around that time.