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LinkLuke's Hot-Lap Series - In Planning Stages - Open For Entries


Not Another Hot-Lap Series I Hear You Say…

Well Not Really No…

Let Me Explain Myself

In celebration of the soon to release Beam.NG exporter I would like to start a new challenge series where I will complete hot-laps of the Automation Test Track in Beam.NG with YOUR Cars.

How Will This Work?

To make this thing work I will need you guys to submit your cars to this thread, from there I will try my best to get a lap time by the end of the week (no Promises here, some weeks I may not have time). After you have submitted the car, I will download it and open it in Automation to make sure everything works before exporting it to Beam.ng.

From here I will launch the automation Test track (this may change if not available) and do 5 laps of the track, the fastest of the 5 will be posted on this thread on the Leaderboard that will contain all submitted cars.

One Final Note

In this series there are no real rules, other than spamming, If your car isn’t on the leaderboard then the chances are I haven’t had time to lap it, so please don’t spam PM’s and posts in this thread pestering me to lap it. Other reasons for not lapping may be: The car doesn’t work (If so I will try to get back to you ASAP), You have been found to be abusive towards other members of the community and therefore don’t deserve to have your car lapped (I don’t like Bullies) or your copy of the game has been found to be illegal (This is in light of recent news of a forum user running a prated copy of the game)





  1. '94 LLA Atom MK1 BES 2:45:44









Please send you submissions to - https://goo.gl/forms/fRMmiNQaspQiYOP32
This form is used as I’d rather not have my inbox filled with PM’s about this thread. All it does is save all the data to a spreadsheet so I can organise it in an easy way. A google account is required to use it though.

Feel free to submit any ideas for the series, I am open to ideas. Also this series will not officially start until the exporter has been released, feel free to submit cars, but no times will be posted until I can actually lap the car in Beam.NG


Open To Entries

Having a small issue with beamng’s in-game hotlapping app, I have decided to use my phone, when the app works again I will give people a chance to have their car lapped again


I think it would be good to split times into various categories (maybe corresponding with Automation Market Appeal?). This way we could get a rough comparison between similar-ish cars at least :slight_smile:


I guess I could do that, I have also decided on using the games time trials feature. I need to have a good review of the main post anyway. I might even link to a spreadsheet that automatically orders by category and lap time, not too sure yet


I will be sending this car over to you soon (once i figure out a name for it lol). 'tis the bastard child of a Ford Focus RS and a Subaru WRX


Are we submitting the Automation file or the BeamNG exported file?


I’m actually gonna have to hold this series for a while, we are experiencing a heatwave in the UK and it is actually having an impact on my pc, so until I can get a new cooler we are gonna have to pause.