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LLA - LinkLukeAuto's Company Thread


Founder: 1950
Founders: Link Zaldoph, Luke Prior Sr.
Place Of Origin: Witney, England
Key Models: LLA Type 2

Brief History
In 1950’s England affordable yet comfortable and sporty cars were popular, This is where LLA made a start. The Type 1 released in '52 offered a perky inline 4 and a revolutionary suspension allowing for better handling and drivability compared to other competitors of the era. By 1960 they had further improved this in the Type 2 which became a popular touring car platform thanks to its 2.4 v6. Eventually LLA entered the luxury GT market in the late 60’s and in the 1970’s started making a variety of consumer vehicles and Medium Duty commercial vehicles. The 80’s and 90’s were considered the boring and illogical era of LLA as a new CEO Jamie Gospel took over and had no knowledge of cars whatsoever. Eventually in 1995 Luke Prior Jr. the grandson of the original founder took over the company and reset the standards of LLA.

Historic Models
LLA Bampton

More Coming Soon!

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