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Local oldtimer run


I was out boating

When I came back, this was going on at the local marina.

They’re on a tour around lake Saimaa. I couldn’t see anything of my phone screen due to the sun but some pictures ended up passable.

There was a lot more but these were the most interesting ones. The most common cars seemed to be Volvo Amazons and Fiat 500 and Beetles, a few Cortinas also, but I didn’t take much pictures of those because I see them all the time around here.

Interestingly, about 50/50 ratio of American and European cars but almost none Japanese. One Datsun 1000, one third gen Mazda 323


Probably a dumb question, but what’s the orange car on the 4th picture?

Edit: Nvm. It’s a Fiat X1/9


There was also a Type 34 Karmann Ghia but for some reason I don’t seem to have photos of it. That might have come just when my phone battery died. Aren’t there like only about 2000 Type 34s left in the world?


What is that blue one between the P1800 and the Corvette?
In general, incredibly cool thing, that event :slight_smile:


Plymouth Barracuda as far as I know. Quite a distinctive rear end.


Yep that’s a Barracuda


Nice cars.

That Barracuda looks great in that colour.


Whoa what a catch! Some proper :sweat_drops: cars these are… all of them look lovely! Thanks for the pictures, time for, uh, a quick visit to the bathroom I think :stuck_out_tongue: