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Low Graphics setting broken


I just played the newest update and when I started it up everything was dark grey. Except the car body, wheels, tires, and fixtures. I continued to play and then now it looks like the pictures below. I though I would try changing some graphic setting (environment detail) to see if that was the issue. It was but my lap top can’t handle it.

It was fine until the most recent update.


So restarting the game 3 times fixed it, that was weird.

Edit: Never mind I don’t know what’s going on.


Isn’t your GPU running out of memory? (just a very wild guess)


I wouldn’t think so because turning up the graphics settings fixes the issue, but my FPS takes a hit.

This is max settings. but my FPS is crap.


We’ll have a look into that!

Edit: definitely cannot replicate that on our machines, it may be a problem specific to your machine and or drivers.


@Nivracer Do you happen to run the game in DX10 mode?


I don’t know how to run the game in DX10 mode. My computer has DX12 though.

Also what seems to be affected is really random. Just a while ago the engine computer room walls were completely black. I restarted the game and now everything is fine. I haven’t changed any settings from what is pictured in the first post.


If it is that random it sounds like it is your machine or drivers, restarts only make the memory rearrange a bit, so it should not be any different. If you don’t run on minimum settings, does that still happen? Is there a specific setting that causes it?


Moving the Environment Detail from Low to Medium fixed this issue in the photo scene, which is the only thing that is broken at the moment. (World time and rotation are the same, as well as the car rotation.)