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Low-Tech Sports (Let’s Play & Photo / Design Competition)


The first part of the judging is done and will be posted less than a day from now. 24 entries, going through them pretty thoroughly in this first category so that you see what I’m looking for. 50 min for just the first 12 entries :stuck_out_tongue: second half will be recorded today. From then on for the next categories (Jupiter and beyond), I’ll try to not go for more than 2min per car :slight_smile: otherwise this gets a little ridiculous hehe.

So keep your eyes peeled for the first judging episode!




Alright! First episode is releasing in a few hours and the second part of it 24h later. I just got through that and had fun drawing dicks on your pictures. :stuck_out_tongue: That second part is another 1h long, but contains loads of little and big advice for all contestants for your future entries! I think you’ll be able to appreciate it even when not having high scores dished out like candy from a windowless white van.




This is the picture I’ve send, what do you think about that?


It’s over, now I can post.



Here is my rear


This is my car. submitted a worse photo because i was in a hurry. next time i will wait until i get a shot im actually satisfied with lol:


So the first round of judging is over! Hope you enjoyed that and the in-depth nature of the videos. I assume the contestants themselves quite like it to be this in-depth with all kinds of photo analysis… but I’ll have to take a look at the audience retention in the videos if that is a thing that interests others too. :slight_smile:

One thing I noticed that I find intriguing is that the design and the photo score seem to correlate reasonably well. I assume that is because a “designer’s eye” and a “photographer’s eye” do overlap to a large degree.

Post your thoughts on how the judging can be improved further :slight_smile:


i submitted my photo already but was not satisfied with my picture, i re did it. is there a way i can submit a new photo or is it now locked to the first one i sent in?


resubmit it and I’ll just delete your first email. This is a one-off though :slight_smile: I’ll extend that offer to anyone who already submitted the Jupiter.


Thank you so much, I will do that. And for the next challenge make very sure that everything is right the first time i send it in!


missing a mask, such a rookie mistake :))

here are all of the shots


smol plate


mimas got nothing to prove :smiley:


Hey Killrob, I got a question. Looking at the track record of these competitions, there tends to be people who win multiple categories. For example with Merano, only 4 people won from 10 rounds. With prizes handed out to winners this time, what happens to the prize then when that happens? Does it go to second place or whoever highest who hasn’t gotten the prize, or does it not get awarded at all? Or do multiple-time winners get multiple prizes?

Totally not implying I’m gonna win again, obviously this won’t apply to just me. Just looking at the history. It’s a legit question, okay.


Indeed that is what I expect to happen too and have thought about it. I decided to give out the keys to the winner regardless of the general situation. Then the winner can decide what to do with any additional keys. I suspect quite a few of the winners will have the V16 supporter pack already anyway.

So if multiple-category winners feel like it, they can gift their key(s) to the contestant of the entry they liked the most. :slight_smile:



okay, let’s try this
hmm, new users can post only 1 picture, I’ll post an edited one


I mean you didn’t forget the chrome grill like I did so this is advanced :sweat_smile: