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Manufacturing Research


Please let me know if this has been asked before, there has been a lot of discussion on research for the design side of the game, but I couldn’t find anything on manufacturing.

Are there plans for manufacturing specific research options (i.e Poka-yoke, lean manufacturing, just-in-time supply chains e.t.c) that will give bonuses that reduce production costs, increase reliability, reduce warranty claims e.t.c?

Along similar lines, will there be options for research into improvements in engineering time via implementing standard processes such as APQP or Design for Six Sigma?



We did think about “Company Strategies” you can select that would give you bonuses and penalties for your productions, and indeed we think that would be interesting as it differentiates companies. We’re probably not going to implement such a thing for V1.0 of the game, but maybe for later iterations?

A lot of the quality / QA stuff will be adjustable, like the lite campaign has hinted at already.