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Maximum speed on Gearing graph


I often hone my car very precisely, and therefore I would like the maximum speed to also be shown on the gear graph.
Can your team add it in the next update?
I really need this information.


You can look at it by hovering over the graph with your mouse, or hovering over the slider will give you an estimated top speed.


I don’t like word ‘‘estimated’’. I love when all is clearly and concretly.
I know that.
Also i am waiting when developers translate campaign into Russian fully.
You just can’t imagine reading American English - it’s all is complete ass. :smile::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Then help them translate it.


Fine, Estimated top speed because it’s not actually tested. You can look at the real top speed on the test track.


I understood.
it’s boring.
OK, we are waiting when this message to appear.


I have already helped them.
Of course, I can still help translate into Chinese, but already how it will succeed.
Because I only know Russian and English.


I’m pretty sure it was in game about a year, maybe a bit more ago, but they deleted it


It is estimated top speed until you have completed the car, at that point it turns into actual top speed.
The gearing top speed is shown next to the top speed slider.


Thank, I am figured out this table and graph.