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Merciel Groupe | Merciel S.A, Montreuil S.A & Nohda Giken Kōgyō KK | 1968 Merciel 1700


Merciel S.A

EST. 1912

Automobiles Perfectionnées

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1.8 in such small car? I’d say that’s even pretty sporty :slight_smile:


That is one cute classic you’ve got there. It’s no surprise that its simplicity made it a favorite among the general public!


Erin and ErinSport - Historical Thread ['62 Erin Ghaleda]

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Gosh what a pretty little car! Can’t decide if that red or that blue looks better.

And as for a rivalry between the 112 and the Merna, well, I couldn’t think of a better script of one being better on the track and another being better on a rally course :smiley:


What a pretty little car that is! And it has some racing pedigree too.


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And just for fun :smile:


Fuck yeah asymmetry! :smile:


It’s obvious that you have made a sharp-looking sport compact. Despite the primitive live rear axle, somehow it manages to be fun to drive, while retaining a fair amount of practicality.

Also, by broadening the scope of this thread to focus on an entire group of brands, I expect to see a lot more of your (UE4) cars than just the ones from Merciel itself.


That front grille. You just won at automation.




Honestly do you want cash, card, PayPal, solid gold bars? 'Cause I am sold.


Kansei dorifto?!*

Other than that, this car is one of my favourites now.


That is so 80s and so Japanese that I would drive just for that intense 80s Japanese properliness :grin: I feel like I need to re-learn how to design looking at this and remembering my designs from the era. BTW, how did you make that front body-coloured logo?


Some prices and pictures for the Nohda Assent have been changed! But apart from that all is fine.


Group B anyone?..


2017 Merciel Corsaire GTE

In response to a certain front engined British GTE car made by @DeusExMackia, Merciel has also created their own front engined GTE car in the form of the Merciel Corsaire…

The new 2017 Merciel Corsaire GTE marks the return of Merciel to GT racing, following the tragic death of Sergio Alcetti at LeMans in 2006.
The new GTE Corsaire has been developed from the preexisting 2016 Merciel Corsaire chassis, retaining the glued aluminium unibody and carbon fibre sub-frames.

However, unlike the standard car, the GTE Corsaire is fitted with a fibreglass-Kevlar composite shell which keeps the weight and costs low.

Under the bonnet seats an F series inline 6 turbo, found in the Merciel Verona, producing well over 750hp


If that’s not a rival to the Mk4 Scarlet, I don’t know what is, but the blue paint and yellow headlights remind me of Alpines of old, such as the original A110 and the later A310.


Looks sexy as hell though.


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