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Misaki Motor Co


The Misaki Motor Co or MMC, or just Misaki, is an Asian brand that was started in 1953. Their first cars were only sold in Japan but had low sale numbers. They focused on being “something different”, but in the 2000s they slowly became more generic.

Images; explanations of cars pictured will be in lower posts

Sakura beside a classic U1

“1st” gen Densetsu beside a 2nd gen

Haruko family, left to right : 4th gen, 2nd gen, 1st gen, 3rd gen and 5th gen

Sedate sedan & Venus hatch

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The Haruko

The Haruko began in the 70s to add a cheap, affordable platform to Misaki but still have potential for sportier applications (sporty for oil-crisis standards) and with that, the Haruko was officially released for the 1977 model year as an FR setup available in a sedan,coupe and wagon.

Engine options were small for the 1st gen Haruko, those being a 1.9L four banger that ranged from 88hp to a staggering 151hp (granted with the help of a turbo).

The trims offered in the 1st gen Haruko were the L,RS,L Wagon and the XL wagon and the “Densetsu” Model that came out mid-way through this generations life, trying to have sportier styling than the RS, ultimately the Densetsu sold terribly but was the highest powered trim.

L Trim
XL Wagon
L Wagon

The second generation was a total revamp to the Haruko, bringing more sportiness to the trim and was overall warm welcome to the automobile industry as it brought on experimental features such as active aero and other revolutionary technologies.

Engine options were greatly improved for the 2nd gen which offered many engine options those being a 1.6L i4 ranging from 100hp to 230hp as well as a 2L i6 offering 280hp.

In terms of trim levels the 2nd gen Haruko was much more sport based but also offered some tamer trims too. Some of the rarest Haruko’s are second generation, those being SSR Turbos, homologation models. The rarest Haruko is the SSR Turbo 2dr Wagon.

L Trim
SSR Turbo
SSR Wagon
RS beside an SSR

The 3rd and 4th generation Haruko’s are on the same platform, the only difference from the 3rd and 4th is that the 4th gen offered some more tame models whereas the 3rd gen was strictly sports. The 3rd generation marked the end of special SSR models too. The 3rd generation was introduced in 1996 while the 4th gen was introduced in 2003.

Engine choices for the 3rd gen we have an all new 1.3L V6 packing a punch of 205hp and for the SSR Turbo we got the 1.6L i4 from the previous gen bumped up to 243 hp. The 4th generation got the V6 as well but lacked the i4 from the past however a new economy engine was introduced pushing 124hp.

For the 3rd generation all that was produced was the RS and the SSR, this proved to be a mistake for Misaki for lack of trims the audience had shrunk.

The 4th generation however had dropped the RS and the SSR title for the new RSX title, a vehicle meant to bridge the gap between the two. The L trims were reintroduced for this generation too, getting more sales than the 3rd generation because of it. The Haruko would stay this way until 2009 when the title was retired… or was it?

3rd and 4th gen


Behold! In 2018 a new model was teased from Misaki, people were very hopeful of the return of the once legendary car, however in the spring of 2019 people were let down… The Haruko had been turned into a Crossover.

This Haruko had a 4L V6 pushing 214hp EDIT: The 5th gen now has an 1.8l turbo i4 making 230 hp in most models as well as a one-off prototype making 327hp.

Trims were what you’d expect except Misaki decided to add a T to the end of the models to make them more attractive. The trims are the LT, RT and the Trail-Spec version that had higher ground clearance.


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Not a lot of power, and not very refined either - in fact such a high-displacement, low-specific-output powerplant is an anachronism in this day and age when fitted to a crossover the size of the new Haruko.


What would be a more realistic power?


250 horsepower from a 2.0L turbo I4 would be more appropriate for it - it would also improve refinement, efficiency and emissions, while saving weight to boot.


The Densetsu

As you know the Densetsu began as a trim level for the first gen Haruko, however in this case we will be not be calling that Densetsu the first generation since it was not it’s own vehicle.

The Haruko Densetsu was a poorly executed attempt at making a facelift for the R trim, it was designed to what Misaki thought people wanted, sadly it wasn’t what the people want. A turbo i4 making 150 horses is what you got with this Densetsu.

And with this the Densetsu title sat for in the dust for 6 years until almost out of the blue a new Densetsu was released to the markets

The official first gen Densetsu was released under its own name, this version did popup headlights properly as well as having a much better engine. This Densetsu is favored by many for its good power/weight ratio and predictable handling. This version made 138hp but weighed only 1071kg

The second gen Densetsu was released in 1998, it was more luxurious than the previous generation, nearly a Grand Tourer. The second gen came with a 3L turbo I6 making 345hp detuned from Misaki, with modification some people rumor they can approach 1000hp or more. This makes the second generation Densetsu very popular in the tuning culture.

The second gen Densetsu was discontinued in 2004 and well… it was gone until 2012 when rumors circulated of a concept sports coupe in production by Misaki under the title “DEN”. It was only in 2015 when Misaki made an announcement that the Densetsu would return “soon”.

“Soon” apparently meaning in one year. When the third Densetsu was released it was received with mixed reviews, some people were happy with a light-weight coupe while others thought it didnt live up to the previous generation. This generation had a turbo i4 making 328 horsepower.


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This is the 1992 Misaki SDR standing for Sand, Dirt and Rock. It offered a torquey I4 and an sporty V6


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Stock version, the Criterion. Boasting an ultra luxury ride and all the quirks and features a man named Doug could ask for.


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The cutlass was a beater but really reliable. dont know why she sold it.
Come to think of it, cant even find out what exact model it was.
But that doesnt matter. all that matters is that it was the first 70’s/80’s economy sedan that didint hurt my back when i sat down in it.


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