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Montes Cars - Enjoy Driving


This speaks directly to the ultimate concern of Gryphon Gear.


Seems like a Hypera SuperLyn :wink: Me likey!


Which car it is?


The one I might create when this body comes out :smile:


Shiiiet boi…

When it comes out I’m hosting either a Vision Gran Turismo challenge or a Ridge Racer Special Machine Challenge.

Expect to see a Dimension VGT and the Assoluto Vulcano…


Yeah, Cavallera is pulling out of the hypercar game, it’s stupid. I don’t have the skills for it.


I’m thinking a race prototype concept would be a good entry into this. Erin will be here for that.


Mind you the two are a whole different level of crazy… One’s just edgy styling and insane aerodynamics… the other includes a literal space rocket on wheels.


When you call something an ass volcano, I bet it’s going to go like the clappers :joy:

@vmo just one request, please allow it to house 395 rears!


and a 20L Tiwn turbo V12 :joy:


28L v16 plz


Not only am I digging the 70s styling, I am digging those 70s trim names too


Some numbers maybe? I mostly interested in these engines’ power :slight_smile:


I don’t understand what are you saying


The car looks fantastic, and I love the trim names you’ve come up with, as they’re very akin to real life 70s trim names (and the all consuming game of badge envy - “I’ve got a G-LXi, what have you got?” “A 2.0SL, beat that!”)


UPDATED: I added the car stats


Why the turbo one is lost?


It was an error. The turbo is for the MK2.


Urban MK2 (1982-1989)

In May of 1982, it was launched the second generation Urban.

Available in 8 different trims (4 standard, and 4 sport versions), it uses the same engine family on the GX, GXi and MRP trims as the previous generation, but with some tweaks to improve performance, smoothness and fuel consumption.

And appeared two new trims: the MRP Turbo (it uses the same block as the standard MRP), and the MRP RS.

(MRP/MRP Turbo)

(MRP RS Streetcar)


This last model it was the road homologation car for the Gr. B Urban MRP RS (1982-1984). It uses for first time in this model, AWD and a v6 3.0 NA engine. It was a very agile and responsive car. It won 4 races. 1 in 1983, and 3 in 1984. It uses the same chassis as the Urban MRP, but reinforced, and some panels and windows. But for the rest, is very different from the other Mk2. Including the dashboard.

Later it was replaced by the Zender RS.

The car won the prestigious prize 1982 International Best car of the Year.

In 1987, it was restyled, featuring as standard in all variants (except the MRP and MRP Turbo, that uses since the Mk1 a mechanical LSD) a viscous LSD to improve cornering and safety, and 14" wheels, and assisted steering.

Re-styled Urban (1987-1989)

It was the last boxy-Urban to date.


Nice car :slight_smile: Seems like a proper competitor for the first Zavir Luna, that I’ll eventually create :stuck_out_tongue: