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More customization


I deleted the post…


Some of this suggestions like chain / timing belt are quite good, but some like transmission fluid viscosity are over the top.

There are not just graduated engineers playing the game.


Agreed, valve size could be useful along with port location for tuning. Chain vs belt is just noise vs reliability. There is gear drive cams too (usually diesel). Moving the battery makes no real difference. The transmission designer is basically feature locked (I asked). The game isn’t about race cars, so dry sump doesn’t really fit, but an air cooled engine may (early cars). If you are tuning up the cam roller cams, and hollow shafts may be a good addition too. Oil viscosity is assumed (quality slider on the rotating assembly. Higher quality, tighter tolerances, thinner oil, better efficiency). Variable rate springs are available, stacking springs seams really niche, and would have limited implementation.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your perspective) the devs are focused on the tycoon part for now, so changed to the engine editor are on the back burner for now (I asked). Body style, rims, fonts, etc are a mods thing. Check the worshop. Some modders take requests.


I thought that for cosmetic, really no other reason. thank you


Not sure if “I have plan thus game must adapt to my plan” is really the tone you wanted to bring your message across with, but I have to say, it is the tone you brought your message across with.


Vast majority of production cars used hydralic lifters, even in the muscle car era, adding this would really add nothing to the game while requiring a fuck ton of time and effort.

Gear or chain, again, not a big enough difference to even implement

Wet or Dry sump, again, not enough actual difference to take time implementing into the game

Oil pressure and viscosity…100% waste of time and effort to implement

Intake port design and shape, extremely complicated to add to the game, and again, not really worth it.

spark plug heat range…again, waste of time for the devs

battery, alt location etc is actually already done by the game for the best weight distrobution iirc

alu or steel case, decent choice, but fit it in the UI where?

trans fluid, see engine oil

overdrive ratio, look for the multiple times the devs explained why this isnt in the game

variable rate springs are already in the game as progressive

twin i beam, not commonly on enough models and cars in general

race interior, this is a car company manager, not a race manger

bubble top, too specific for an era of cars that are irrelevent for the game anyways

Basically you want a retro 1950s/1960s car simulator, thats not what automation is.


The answer to all of these suggestions, although good is…
Imagination and QUALITY SLIDERS




How much a difference was not the point, it would be fun/interesting/unique, that is all. Beauty and uniqueness was the “intention” Modern cars have those parts as well. But I can understand what you mean by programmin.