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Morello Auto


In 2002 the Platani 1800 chassis was used as the basis for the creation of the 1800 PWRC rally car which took part in the Production World Rally Championschip championship from 2002 to 2005 in the N3 class.

The car was equipped with the turbo version of the 1.8L engine mounted on the standard car that delivered 195 Hp with 261 Nm of torque


2005 was a decisive year for Morello Auto because:

  1. The company was bought by a financial fund in Doha.
  2. The Termini Imerese factory is bought by FAT (Turin auto factory).

So the new range of vehicles was as follows:
Kalsa 2.0 DI, light sport coupe with 2 luxury seats.
Scirocco 3.0 SS, Sport coupe with 2 luxury seats.
Platani MK 2, hatchback 4doors / 4 seats with PWRC class N3 (coming soon).

The Kalsa 2.0 DI model fitted the same I6 engine as the Tauromenion I6-B but with direct injection.
The main changes are the sequential gearbox and the satellite navigator as standard.
It was also the first light sport car of the Morello with front engine.

The Scirocco 3.0 SS model was equipped with a turbocharged V8 engine called 423/326, which was based on a 1987 prototype that was not mass-produced due to the lack of supply agreement with the BMS team, a 5-speed sequential gearbox and the satellite navigator.


The Platani Mk2 model had a new body and the chassis in light AHS steel and fitted with a new 1.9 liter engine giving the car a power of 161Hp and a torque of 258 Nm.

From the Platani Mk2 was derived the version to compete in the PWRC category N3 that mounted the elaborate version of the 1.9 Litrimontato engine on the standard car that brought the power to 258 Hp and torque to 302 Nm.


In 2010 Morello put into production the Platani MK 3 2400 a Premium hatckbatck characterized by high driveability but without giving up entirely to the sportiness that peasantises the brand.
The 2400 compared to 1900 (MK 2) was 10 cm longer, fitted with an AWD transverse transmission, with Variable Electric steering and the Sat-Nav system.
The engine was a 2421 cc aspirated with direct injection.

The 1900, however, with a new set-up that improved its performance, was still used in the N3 class of the PWRC for the two-year period 2010-2012 that is until the cancellation of the competition


Coming Soon I will present the first Morello Hypercar born under the pressure of Arab property that wanted to enter this profitable market segment.
Also the classic distinctive Luxury Sport by Morello Auto will be presented.


In 2010 at the Geneva Motor Show, Morello presented its first supercar called Walid, the name of the president of the investment fund owner of the automobile industry.
The main features were:
High quality leather interior with on-board computer and infotainement system.
Longitudinal RWD dual clutch 6 geared.
Vented disks front and rear.
Active sport suspension.
ESC and steering Electric Variable.

The engine was the 526/561 a 4.6 liter naturally aspirated V12.


In 2012, Mello presented the new Hibla model as a luxury two-seater sports coupe.
The Hibla had 3 trims:
GT: with focus on drivability and comfort

GTS (port): with focus on sportiness

GTR (ace): version for track races

All three versions were equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 engine that produced 390 HP and 387 Nm of torque


In 2014 the new Walid HZ was presented which compared to the previous model had new front lights, a new 7-speed dual clutch gearbox, new ESC + LC system and new coaling flaps.

The V12 engine was brought to 5.0L of displacement.


In 2014, Morello presented the Platani MK3 2400T that maintained the excellent chassis-mechanical base of the 2400 but with a restayling of the front and the plug-in of the turbo version of the 2.4-liter engine.

The Platani 2400T compared to the previous version had better performance and consumption: 0-100 in 8.47s, weight-to-power ratio 0.096 and 8.7 L / 100 Km.


In 2014 the Solanto, 2 seater luxury coupé model was presented, which had 3 trims
GT focused on Comfort with 5-speed advanced automatic gearbox

GTR focused on sportiness with 5-speed sequential gearbox

GTS the race version with 5-speed dual clutch gearbox.

Comparison of the trims

This post concludes the gallery of cars produced by Morello until 2017.
I take this opportunity to thank all the visitors of the tread and in particular those who put comments and likes.

Soon I will post the 2018-19 models.


Morello present the new car KHAMSIN, an arabic wind, for the 2018-2019 years.

Khamsin - HY.car (26.9 KB)